[ UK /sˈɪmpli/ ]
[ US /ˈsɪmpɫi/ ]
  1. and nothing more
    it is simply a matter of time
    hopes that last but a moment
    I was merely asking
    just a scratch
    he was only a child
  2. in a simple manner; without extravagance or embellishment
    she was dressed plainly
    they lived very simply
  3. (used for emphasis) absolutely
    it's simply beautiful!
    he was just grand as Romeo
    I just can't take it anymore
  4. absolutely; altogether; really
    we are simply broke
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How To Use simply In A Sentence

  • It might as well be closed, because in many American hospitals you're simply shooed from the windowsill after you've been nursed back to health (usually in 72 hours or less), and you're expected to "fly" on your own. Mark Lachs, M.D.: Care Transitions: The Hazards of Going In and Coming Out of the Hospital
  • She is simply bartering goodies in return for comparative quietness.
  • Simply smooth a little on your face at night, lie back and say goodbye to dull and lifeless skin. The Sun
  • The dozen pictures she had shot during a recent bath time -- including a few of Nora rinsing with a handheld shower sprayer -- were, for Cynthia, simply part of the vast photographic record she was keeping of her family's life. Lynn Powell: Pornographer or Soccer Mom?
  • Also the competition (as it's not all that hard to play)'s prodigious, even at youth orchestra level, so, in addition to playing something which almost often simply sounds flutey, it's very hard to get anywhere.
  • The theory I do not accept: one simply folds his sails, unships his rudder, and waits the will of Providence, or the arrival of some compelling fate. Saunterings
  • An established order of seeing, of understanding, of ruling, is simply exploded - the Modernist spirit asserts itself.
  • People were simply showing their deep respect, their real admiration and their love for one they felt had touched their lives.
  • Simply inserting the word "conservation" in the pesticide label and slightly watering down the percentage of the active ingredient, brodifacoum, does not make this rodenticide safe for wildlife, nor will it make it any less persistent. Maggie Sergio: The Proposal to Poison a Wildlife Refuge
  • I don't think you're playing devil's advocate (a word every/filmer seems to want use) simply by making entirely senseless comparisons between films like Transformers and There Will Be Blood, and ranting on with points of view that even someone in defense of Transformers would never use. Things I Noticed While Watching 20 Minutes of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek | /Film
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