How To Use Silicon carbide In A Sentence

  • Starting from a specific temperature, carbon atoms migrate to the surface and form a monoatomic layer on the - still solid - silicon carbide. EurekAlert! - Breaking News
  • The production practice shows that addition of a proper amount of phosphoric acid for bricking of silicon carbide tray of the re-distiller is favorable for extending lifetime of the re-distiller body.
  • Saint - Gobain Ceramics & Plastics acquires the Brazilian company Casil, first silicon carbide producer in Latin America.
  • Chlamydomonas strains were transformed according to the silicon carbide whisker method of DUNAHAY 1993, with the following modifications.
  • The countries have argued that Chinese restrictions on the export of several raw materials—bauxite, coke, fluorspar, magnesium, manganese, silicon carbide, silicon metal, yellow phosphorus and zinc—gave Chinese companies an unfair advantage by keeping the price of domestic raw materials low compared with prices in other parts of the world. China Loses Trade Appeal Over Its Curbs on Exports
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  • A compound known as silicon carbide, also known as carborundum, is one of the hardest substances known.
  • Ceramic rotors (bottom left) and silicon carbide mirrors increase speed in modern galvanometers.
  • Among the materials now under study are titanium- or nickel-based alloys and silicon carbide ceramic reinforced with carbon fibers.
  • Most companies fabricate the chips by laying down a material called gallium nitride on wafers of sapphire or silicon carbide. The Quest for Cheaper, Better Lights
  • While admitting that cordierite has low heat resistance when compared to silicon carbide, he feels that the material's limitations are offset by the total system’s approach.
  • The corrosive mechanism of different medium on silicon carbide materials and the phases constitute of corrosively formed materials were analyzed.
  • Each is in turn coated with several layers of graphite, and a silicon carbide outer shell.
  • Instead, single silicon carbide crystals are formed by the condensation of supersaturated vapor.
  • The fine grains, crack deflexion and grain bridging are main toughening mechanisms of silicon carbide ceramic.
  • The silicon carbide epitaxial layer may have a thickness and a doping level so as to provide a charge in the silicon carbide epitaxial region based on the surface doping of the blocking layer.
  • This is the hope of engineers at Swansea University where work is being conducted to develop a new kind of biosensor made of graphene grown on a silicon carbide substrate using silicon sublimation. The Engineer - News
  • Silicon carbide space - borne mirror was produced by reaction bonded process.
  • The hardness of black silicon carbide is greater than fused alumina but less than synthetic diamond.
  • Saint - Gobain Ceramics & Plastics acquires the Brazilian company Casil, first silicon carbide producer in Latin America.
  • The author of the above hypothesis wrote his degree paper on silicon carbide light-emitting diode, that is why the ending of the forth series is the most simple- it is a modern light-emitting diode. Posthuman Blues
  • The invention provides a method for soldering aluminum silicon carbide composite and kovar alloy used in microelectronic encapsulation and pertains to the field of metal shell encapsulation.
  • The positronium in this proposed rocket would be shuttled from the fuel tank to the engine core, where it annihilates, producing two gamma rays that evaporate silicon carbide from the nearby surface.

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