How To Use Sidewall In A Sentence

  • Consequently, a charge carrier is much more likely to strike the sidewall of the structure before it has a chance to ricochet from a defect.
  • The roof and sidewalls are lined with glass-wool to provide heat insulation.
  • Thanks to an elastic band that connects the shoe's tongue to the sidewalls and a heel cup with a notch for your Achilles tendon, the fit is superb.
  • The sidewall air - blowing technology can reduce the NOx emission effectively.
  • Unless they put somekind of sidewall on it, it is really ugly Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
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  • People want to look at the number written on the sidewall of a tire and pump it to that number.
  • One procedure called for workers to poke an awl completely through the sidewall of new tires.
  • Cleaning the water surface of trash, pool's bottom and sidewall of swimming pool.
  • Make sure there are no sidewall bulges and there is no indication of tread damage or extreme wear, such as chunked tread, exposed steel belts, punctures, or sidewall cuts. How to safely pack your car for a road trip
  • Application This line is used plying - up the protect rubber sheet at extruded white sidewall of tire.
  • When I was pulling off the old tires to re-glue them (the last owner said the tires hadn't been glued in around five years), the base tape came off from the tire sidewall in a few places.
  • You'll also find other information on the sidewall such as the type and composition of the tire, the maximum cold inflation and maximum load in pounds.
  • These tire shredders are incapable of shredding tires in excess of size 17 due to the diameter of the wire in the tire sidewall.
  • Here's the fender tag decoded: XS29 Dodge Charger R/T 2 Door Sports Hardtop 73 426 cubic-inch HEMI 2x4-bbl HP V8 3 4-speed manual floor shift 45 Tires, F70x15 red sidewall, nylon belted 68 3.54: 1 Sure-Grip rear axle b4 Bucket seats h7 Hood mounted turn signal indicators A1 26-inch radiator D9 Front disc brakes H1 Power brakes P6 Rear seat speaker R0 AM | Newest Listings
  • Should have provided better handling than the 15s, but you couldn't tell for all the jiggling and jostling the car did with the short-sidewall tires. Test Drive review: Ford's new Fiesta has Honda Fit beat
  • The sidewalls were first clapboarded, because we were afraid the roof would not hold us until the framing had been strengthened by nailing on the siding. The Scientific American Boy The Camp at Willow Clump Island
  • With the sidewall studs attached to the floor, we spent the remainder of the week putting the roof on. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad
  • As to the shape decision it is just not true we saved anything since the sidewall angle, the shoulder and heatshield radii, at the very least are NOT those of Apollo's. Ares 1 Abort Study Update - NASA Watch
  • You will be able to know their date of manufacturing by searching for the three or four-digit number stamped in the tire's sidewall.
  • A high silicon cast iron is used an auxiliary anode and sidewall installation for fixing anodes.
  • The sidewall formula of PCR tire was modified to improve the speed endurance performance.
  • To identify a Kevlar tire, read the writing on the label or sidewall, or ask the salesperson.
  • Thanks to an elastic band that connects the shoe's tongue to the sidewalls and a heel cup with a notch for your Achilles tendon, the fit is superb.
  • And avoid those tyres - a sidewall popping at just under 980 miles of usage is pretty terrible, in my opinion.
  • The Camber Tire's inner sidewall is shorter than the outboard, which tilts the top of the tire inward, toward the car. Lockergnome Blog Network
  • It's a loser's game to milk ‘just one more ride’ out of worn brake pads, a frayed cable, or tires with a threadbare tread or bulging sidewall.
  • The coupe's independent suspension is carried over, though the roadster rides on Continental sport contact tires that have a straighter tread and softer sidewall to reduce tire noise.
  • Mark the spot with a marker or crayon and, if necessary, take some measurements from points such as the ridge or sidewall that will help you locate the leak from the outside.
  • When given the green light, I would pull the boat into the lock, place her along the cement sidewall (a feat with a boat that acts like a bath toy because it has no keel), and grab hold of a weighted line that ran down the side of the lock — slick with ooze from the canal water and sometimes covered with zebra mussels, the scourge of the Great Lakes. A Hundred Miles on the Erie Canal
  • Among the application areas that he thinks the process can be used for include exterior body panels of a wide assortment: vehicle hard tops, hard tonneaus, recreational vehicle and heavy truck sidewalls, and the like.
  • Just the fact that somewhere on the sidewall is the word "rotation" followed by an arrow pointing the wrong way makes me extremely uneasy, and actually riding a wheel set up this way makes me feel like a cat being brushed backwards. Cycling Customs: Flashing the Biological Passport
  • The company that sold the "remanufactured" tire told us that they put not only new treads on their tires, but also new shoulders and sidewalls -- in other words, they replaced the entire outside of the tire. Deceptive Environmental Claims: How Should The Federal Trade Commission Clean Up Advertising Pollution?
  • The method further comprises performing a number of strip / passivate cycles to remove a polymer formed on sidewalls of the metal segments in the dense region.
  • The rim width will affect the appearance of the tire by changing the sidewall profile. F&S Guide to Truck Wheels
  • The heavy duty tires on your trucks and trailers have a deep thick sidewall that takes the first impact from the road surface.
  • It is also available in common lumber and plywood sizes, as well as shakes and shingles for roofing and sidewall applications.
  • The silos were covered with black plastic sheeting and secured with tire sidewalls.
  • He received his big break as his crosscourt bounced awkward off the nick and stayed attached to sidewall.
  • The sidewall is a shock absorber, basically," Sheehy said. Omaha World-Herald > Frontpage
  • Formation microscanner images (FMI) can show directly subtle changes of sidewall formation and provide abundant formations information.
  • The inflation pressure branded on the sidewall is the maximum and should be followed only when the vehicle is carrying an extremely heavy load. Get The Most Out Of A New Set of Truck Tires
  • Bias-ply has a round profile and high sidewalls while a radial tire has a flatter profile and shorter sidewalls.
  • If you only use tyres recommended for your car by major manufacturers, you'll probably never glance at the jumble of letters and numbers on the sidewall, and never need to.
  • This curved lip at the sidewall ends is a characteristic of all headrails formed by the extrusion process from raw aluminum.
  • When the brambles became impassable, we would scrabble up the canyon sidewalls and work our way along slopy, discontinuous ledges.
  • And saw Cal Bonner leaning against the sidewall, his arms crossed, fingers tucked under his armpits. NOBODY'S BABY BUT MINE
  • Reoxidation of the polysilicon sidewall prior to silicon nitride spacer formation exacerbates the undercut.
  • The rim is of course heavier due to the clincher's sidewalls as opposed to the simple and strong outer surface of a tubular rim, and the extra weight of the rim-grabbing foot adds significantly to the weight of a tubular.
  • They had been placed five to each sidewall of the plane and strapped to stanchions. SKORPION'S DEATH
  • Method of forming semiconductor-on-insulator electronic devices by growing monocrystalline semiconducting regions from trench sidewalls
  • The sidewall removal machine therefore will remove the sidewall thus enabling the shredding of these tires in the tire shredders.
  • David Murry: ‘Michelin makes a pretty strong sidewall on their tires, I'll say that.’
  • These tire shredders are incapable of shredding tires in excess of size 17 due to the diameter of the wire in the tire sidewall.
  • Do I run the risk of blowing out a sidewall on my rims?
  • the car had white sidewalls
  • We plunged into the deep, narrow ravine, grasping for handholds on the sheer sidewalls, disturbing spiders' silk strands strung across the path.
  • Look closely at the cross-section and you'll see a cantilevered ‘corner’ of the tire where the tread and sidewall meet.
  • Despite its lower profile, the design of the new sidewall is more compliant over bumps and impacts, which improves ride comfort while reducing noise and isolating the car from road surface imperfections.

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