[ UK /ʃɹˈiːkɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ˈʃɹikɪŋ/ ]
  1. sharp piercing cry
    her screaming attracted the neighbors
  2. a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry
    he heard the scream of the brakes
    he ducked at the screechings of shells
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How To Use shrieking In A Sentence

  • So it's a little more than passing strange that Mr. Brooks clucks about Mr. Obama's "über-partisan budget" when, given the last few weeks of shrieking and wailing from the Republicans about socialism and communism, he's been the voice of moderation in the room. Moderately Shocked
  • On the fives court, his nervous housemaster could relax, “rushing about,” as Roald described it, “shrieking what a little fool he is, and calling himself all sorts of names when he misses the ball.” Storyteller
  • In the end the keeners stalked the funeral processions screaming and shrieking all the more like vengeful banshees and had to be chased by the priests.
  • Instead of being crushed at once, as perhaps the writer expected, it darted forward, quite briskly and cheerfully, at six or seven miles an hour; requiring no spur or admonitive to haste, except the shrieking of the little Egyptian _gamin_, who ran along by asinus's side. "[ Heads and Tales : or, Anecdotes and Stories of Quadrupeds and Other Beasts, Chiefly Connected with Incidents in the Histories of More or Less Distinguished Men.
  • Over the years, I'd gone from what I fondly imagined to be a switched-on, youngish-minded mum to a rancid, middle-aged harridan, glaring at shrieking texting huddles in the street – youngsters I didn't even know, but would consider lightly birching. It's all too easy to hate teens – try a little love instead | Barbara Ellen
  • Here is a business that has shrieking fanatics lining up around the block in the middle of the night to buy its product.
  • Cosmo writes, “Cosmo is absolutely correct, “Reaching for hyperbole and shrieking outrage at every turn doesn†™ t help your argument”.” Paranoia « BuzzMachine
  • With sound cutting out and shrieking feedback, the actors soldiered on, and it didn't ruin the performance, but it was a right scunner, cause that matinee show was kicking arse up till that moment. Archive 2010-06-01
  • Then she ran off, faster than any wildcat, and the men went on howling and shrieking, trying to untangle those knots.
  • He made a noise of what I took to be assent, muffled as it was by the furious flapping of his frilly pinny over the shrieking smoke alarm.
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