How To Use Sherpa In A Sentence

  • Babu and I wander into the sanctuary, looking at chest-high tablets inscribed with epitaphs for both Sherpa and foreign climbers.
  • Putting my name on the label honors me, my family and Sherpas. Mary Orlin: The Himalayan Sherpa Behind This Wine Label
  • Sherpas, well known as mountain guides and porters, live in the high mountains of E. Nepal.
  • A leading newspaper editorial stated that the federal interior minister, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, during his visit to Beijing, got an earful from the Chinese minister of public security, Zhou Yongkang Zhou, who asked Pakistan for the umpteenth time to protect Chinese nationals working in Pakistan. Terrorism Spreading to Whole of Pakistan
  • Sherpa Nima Dorje Tamang traverses a ladder on the Khumbu Icefall of Mount Everest in Nepal.
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  • Martz, who is single, has two small dogs: Su-Nae, a five-year-old Coton, and Sherpa, a 14-year-old Lhasa apso and the company's eponym.
  • The Sherpas' reputation as excellent porters and guides on mountain-climbing and trekking expeditions has brought them a new source of income and, for some Sherpas, a comfortable living.
  • A couple of our porters were also suffering from the height, and Pasang, our Sherpa sirdar (leader), was worried. SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1074
  • My favorite part of The Sun Also Rises is when Jake thinks about how it is easier to be hard-boiled during the day than at night. booksherpa The Sun Also Rises on My Preconceptions « Looking for Roots
  • Now Chuck Schumer of New York, a lot of people familiar with him, he is the so-called Sherpa, the one who will be guiding Sonia Sotomayor through the process, trying to wrangle as much support as he can. CNN Transcript May 30, 2009
  • However, ultimately, the summiteers take the lion's share of the credit and the Sherpas are left in the shadow, rues Rai, who has chronicled this in his film.
  • Snack cart owner Pasang Sherpa of Queens had a deal with the city's parks department that required him to pay almost $643,000 per year for the vending rights near the museum steps.
  • Thanks! pets releve pet protection systems shelters tent other than snoozer pet bed snuggle pet grooming auf weidersein pet fenceless oldies sherpa dog bag cats off furniture dog mating process turtle fur where do bully sticks come from Bachelorette Party, Penises, and Deep Thoughts
  • In order to safely move bottled oxygen and other supplies up to high camps, Sherpas put in fixed ropes.
  • The Sherpas’ most important rule of hospitality is that a visitor must not leave the house unfed or without a drink.
  • The humble and cooperative Sherpas (male residents in Himalayan region) are available to guide way and techniques to climbers.
  • Some Sherpas have developed skills in religious painting and in liturgical chanting.
  • Then last year came his trip to Makalu: this time a much smaller expedition, just six Europeans and some Sherpas bearers.
  • But Babu sees more in life than the praise, gratitude, and $7-a-day wages that have sufficed for more traditional Sherpas.
  • Sherpas first became prominent to Westerners as British mountaineers set their sights on conquering Himalayan peaks.
  • The Sherpas are the toughest people in the Himalayas and they do all the donkey work for most of the climbing expeditions in the Nepal and Tibet areas.
  • Tsherin Sherpa is one of the expatriate artists, currently living in Oakland, California. Max Eternity: Buddha 2010: Contemporary Tibetan Art in New York
  • In 1993 Tashi led the 40th Anniversary Everest Expedition to mark the 40th anniversary of the first successful expedition of his grandfather, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.
  • Mongolian Taimen: They're the largest member of the salmonid family and to catch one, you need to be guided on camel back by a Sherpa or some such over Siberian peaks to rivers with names that sound like they're from the 1988 film "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" (gimme props for a severely off-the-wall movie reference!) One Out of Five Ain't Bad
  • An unprecedented joint team rescue effort was launched with Sherpas and westerners fighting to bring him back down.
  • Two members of British Everest party led by Sir John Hunt, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, became the first to climb the hitherto unconquered peak.
  • If it ever burst through its loose wall of moraine, it would drown the Sherpa villages in the valley below.
  • We talked earlier this week with Michael Froman; he is what I guess you call the Sherpa for the U.S. CNN Transcript Sep 27, 2009
  • In the Army, the C-27J was intended to replace the service's fleet of C-23 Sherpa aircraft.
  • The Sherpa has everything the Vector has (including the timekeeper), but also an anemometer that measures wind speed and wind chill in mph, knots, beaufort, km/h, and m/s.
  • But another Sherpa guide had dropped his ice axe, effectively stranding him, so Chhiring tied him to his harness, and down climbed the couloir with his friend hanging off him. Freddie Wilkinson: Heroes in Fine Print
  • Sherpa villages cling to the sides of sheer mountain slopes or sit on top of steep escarpments.
  • The Mountain, Sherpa's top-of-the-line model, is improved this year with a new, one-piece, step-in binding.
  • Three months before she died she became only the second person to climb Everest unaided by either Sherpas or bottled oxygen. Times, Sunday Times
  • The Sherpa diet is dominated by starchy foods, supplemented by vegetables, spices, and occasionally meat.
  • Another group that has carved out an occupational niche for itself is the Sherpas, who are well known as guides and porters for mountain-climbing expeditions.
  • ME: One of the artists, Tsherin Sherpa created a piece in the exhibition entitled "Chaos Theory: Butterfly Effect. Max Eternity: Buddha 2010: Contemporary Tibetan Art in New York
  • A favorite beverage of the Sherpas is Chang, a beer made from maize, millet, or other grains.
  • Then last year came his trip to Makalu: this time a much smaller expedition, just six Europeans and some Sherpas bearers.
  • Yet the Sherpas did not climb this and other peaks until recruited as porters on sahibs' expeditions.
  • His closest competitor - fellow Sherpa guide Chewang Nima , 41 - scaled the peak a 14 th time last year.
  • Sherpas, the Himalayan locals living in the borders of Tibet and Nepal, challenge the mountain routinely when assisting climbers and also deeply subscribe to this belief.
  • A team of rescue Sherpa evacuated the two men down through the towering seracs and debris to Base Camp where they were quickly flown to Kathmandu by helicopter.
  • The Sherpa-roadies were ecstatic and told jokes throughout the evening, while each of us nodded speciously, not really listening.
  • Our porters were prearranged through the guidance of a young but incredibly mature and strong 24-year old Sherpa named Pemba (last name Sherpa). Exploring Kathmandu » Dave Brosha Photography
  • Keith documented the icefall that claimed one of the Sherpas. Scott's Excellent Adventure - NASA Watch
  • Chaos Theory: Butterfly Effect" by Tsherin Sherpa (Image courtesy of the Rubin Museum) Max Eternity: Buddha 2010: Contemporary Tibetan Art in New York
  • Hillary, known to the Sherpa people as Burra-sahib, meaning ` ` big in stature, big in heart, '' returned to Nepal many times to climb. Everest is alone, Hillary is no more
  • So Merkel's sherpa argued that any mention of linking the so-called Robin Hood tax to aid should be removed from the text.
  • The yearly Everest expeditions offered by Adventure Peaks are unguided, with Mr Pritt acting as expedition leader to advise on weather, co-ordinate the Sherpas and get everything into place for clients to summit.
  • Other exceptional sherpas are given their place in the sun too in a narrative that has no great pretensions to literary skill or scholarship, but is enthusiastic and often wonderfully anecdotal.
  • Until even a few weeks ago, there was talk of a couple of thousand square brackets of unagreed text still being pored over by the politicians and their "sherpas" preparing the ground for the final gathering over the next two weeks. the build-up to the summit and to prepare our audiences to make sense of whatever happens. BBC Blog Network
  • Sherpa villages cling to the sides of sheer mountain slopes or sit on top of steep escarpments.
  • The so-called sherpas - government fixers who pave the way for agreement when their leaders gather - went into overdrive, using the myriad rooms of the Gleneagles Hotel to reconstitute disagreements into compromises.
  • Both these book are essential reading for those interested in Sherpa society and in Himalayan mountaineering.

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