How To Use Sexualize In A Sentence

  • Sanitized and allegedly ‘Oedipal free,’ Branagh's Hamlet avoids any representations of non-normative sexual desire, repressing the sexualized maternal body with a vengeance.
  • By which I mean the acceptability of sexualized metaphors for human interaction in general.
  • American actresses have desexualized themselves, confusing sterile athleticism with female power. Sex and Writing: It's in the Details
  • The guards' sadistic and sexualized treatment of prisoners was just an extension of the chaos they were already wallowing in with no restraint from above.
  • Is it disgusting because it sexualizes children?
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  • The British, Americans, and French had been viewing sexualized images and reading sexualized representations of those they conquered for decades, as part of the right of conquest.
  • Even Shiva, a god profoundly connected with sexuality and the phallus, is desexualized in a most bizarre way.
  • Angry young men were politicized, while rebellious young women were sexualized.
  • Interestingly, bared limbs were not necessarily as virtuous as bared breasts; over the centuries, the body has been sexualized and desexualized in many different ways.
  • No faces or figures make it into the frame, presenting the sort of fragmentary view of the female body that in most any other context would constitute blatant objectification but here reads as a desexualized, intensely vulnerable collage of femininity. The Nervous Breakdown
  • Influenced by science fiction and advertising, the computer-manipulated color photographs and photo-based installations critique sexualized images of women.
  • I will set an example for women and girls, educate the public, dispel breastfeeding myths, desexualize the breast, and make the world a better place, all through the simple act of feeding my child.
  • Her statue falls under both categories: worst because, in the grand tradition of oversexualized comic statues, she's wearing an outrageously skimpy halter top, boyshorts, and high heels, has her hips provocatively swayed, and is invitingly dangling a pair handcuffs from a finger. APED: "frozen ghazal"
  • One anonymous student raises the concern that women are overly sexualized in society.
  • Much of early Australian cinema portrays women as pretty accompaniments who are fought over, rescued, or who are alternatively tough and desexualized.
  • From \ "naughty and nice\" shoe ads featuring a schoolgirl clad, lollipop licking pop star to \ "wink wink\" thongs sized for 7 - to 10-year-olds, big business is out to sexualize your youth. Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright: Countering The Sexualization Of Your Youth
  • Manga has never had a problem finding basement dwelling horny boys who have never seen a real women to look at the over-sexualized porny upskirt pics and storys … kinda like normal comic books. Another Take on Getting Women to Read Comics: Getting Men to Read Manga » Comics Worth Reading
  • Rather, it represents just one several ways in which the Govt sought to "de-sexualize" the Civil Partnership Act, and by extension de-sexualize same-sex relationships, in a way which, in my view, reflects a prevailing heteronormativity that is to say, it reflects, and also reinforces, the social and political forces that force us to conform to heterosexual norms. Useless Fact of the Day: No 94
  • His sadistic and sexualized relations with others intensified.
  • Just like the public hand-wringing over the HPV vaccine and improved access to contraceptives and birth control, a lot of anxiety about precocious puberty deals with whether it will "sexualize" a generation of girls too early. Cristen Conger: Girls' Puberty Coming Sooner -- But What about the Boys?
  • Also in the 1970s, final girls and victims alike suffered from what Syracuse University professor Kendall Phillips calls "sexualized terror," wherein any woman who was sexually active got axed (or knifed or strangled or garroted). Women In Horror Films
  • Content: This thesis attempts to explore the unique features of XiaoHong"s novels from the aspect of gender , and by doing that sexualize them.
  • In the discourse of nationalism the woman is the ‘motherland'. And as the mother figure she is desexualized, thus making her suitable for worship by her sons.
  • We learn - still, now, despite the gains of feminism - not to call attention to ourselves, only to the signets of our conformity: the sexualized conventions of grooming.
  • All of the examiner's findings can be conveyed to the patient during the examination and, at the same time, the physician can encourage and educate the patient about breast self-examination and desexualize the process.
  • If she wears a power pantsuit, it's a 'desexualized uniform,' but if she shows a hint of cleavage -- as she famously did in 2007 -- it can ignite a media firestorm that eclipses her political platform. Odelia Kaly: If The Clothes Fit
  • juvenilia" performs simultaneously to sexualize and desexualize the narrative of an authorial career. Romantic Loves: A Response to _Historicizing Romantic Sexuality_
  • To me, it's easy to recognize one of the fundamental reasons why hair cutting and shaving was sexualized: through religion, the great subversive architect of kink.
  • Women are portrayed as desexualized personae and seen through a sadomasochistic veil.
  • Unlike John Henry, Uncle Remus was an old, docile, and desexualized African American man who told stories to children.
  • Why should that be if the author would rather "desexualize" people? Propeller Most Popular Stories
  • The young lady knew that sexualized postcards had come under legal scrutiny of late and she justified their sale by arguing that the representations could be found in high art and in public galleries.
  • Among faces, Gene Tierney's is a tournament rose, an opaline study in serene, sexualized perfection, a mad musky Egyptian daydream of cat thoughts.
  • Public fascination with the romantic lives of our country's most powerful (mostly single) women is fairly predictable, train-wreck coverage that ranges from whispers of lesbianism to reports of so-called bitchy behavior to completely de-humanizing or hyper-sexualized commentary involving pantsuits. Maegan Carberry: Finding a Man's Love in a Man's World
  • I guess if people feel the need to sexualize their fat neighbors, though, who am I to stop them? Roseanne Archy
  • Despite John's objections to psychological explanations, the mother functions as the sexualized prize and arbiter in this fraternal rivalry when the brothers come to blows on her doorstep.
  • From parents' perspective, the most pressing concern might be that the product doesn't sexualize their children, a challenge for houses known for a more revealing silhouette. Branding the Baby
  • Neufeld contends that peer orientation undermines family cohesion, poisons the school atmosphere and fosters an aggressively hostile and sexualized youth culture.
  • By contrast, the ranks of subjects whom Andy represented, like himself, occluded and determinedly not smiling, is equally revealing, as if to conjure not so much by passive aggression as by vaguely sexualized sullenness, even vacancy, the dominant mood of international fame in the 1970s and early to mid-1980s. Archive 2009-01-01
  • I think the other thing is that if he ` s as disturbed as he seems to be, if he ` s a sociopath, often these guys are highly sexualized, and so they do engage in unusual sexual activities to kind of heighten their excitement in life. CNN Transcript Jun 16, 2006
  • We live in a culture that accepts - even endorses - violence against women; females are turned into objects and young girls are sexualized to sell products and services.
  • Words associated with women are sexualized so that apparently equivalent terms acquire very different meanings.
  • He had never been so aggressively, powerfully, penetratively gazed on, cruised, sexualized, ravaged by a woman. feminist blogs
  • Widening the scope is worthwhile (why not do the same to dudes?), as is narrowing it (why sexualize any fear and death, when in RL both fear and death are very unsexy things?). intertribal: women in horror, the legend continues
  • Because the discourse concerning the textural semiotics of Titus's sexualized offerings is not of a sufficiently academic nature to be the object of attention in an admittedly sui generis blog having its origins within an academic context, it it appropriate to say a few more words concerning the deconstructive sexualization and postcapitalist transgressive character of Titus's texts. About my proposed Titus recording.
  • He claims we allow our ‘culture’ to become desexualized by opting for roles as monogamous spouses and television decorators, which somehow lets society cast our sexuality as shameful and secret.
  • We defensively sanitize and desexualize ourselves and our children in order to reassure ourselves and others that we are free of any desires even remotely connected to childhood sexuality.
  • Black feminists have consistently drawn attention to European history's construction of black women as hypersexual, or as desexualized characters, there to serve the interests of white women and men.
  • They falsely claim that classes sexualize children in a "values free" environment as teachers push their own sexual ideology. Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright: When Where They Teach Overrides What's Being Said About Sex Ed
  • The second part of the book explores the ways in which women's bodies are sexualized and exploited in sport, while the third provides a vision of a more body-friendly future for both men and women.
  • Males have a lower threshold for sexual excitation, tend to perceive people and relationships in a more sexualized manner, and are more likely to interpret a variety of stimuli as signals of sexual intent.
  • The use of fur and the tactile, kinetic quality of the stuffed animal make them sexualized fetishes in addition to their being commodities.
  • The estate authorized the creation of this slightly desexualized version in order to (a) make money and (b) promote awareness of sex ed etc. Archive 2009-02-01
  • The god was sexualized and married to another god
  • Some languages sexualize all nouns and do not have a neuter gender
  • Women are portrayed as desexualized personae and seen through a sadomasochistic veil.
  • ‘There is a belief in our culture that children are not sexual unless they're sexualized by adults and that is simply not true,’ says Klein.
  • The problematic move from looking to touching is exemplified in the Western art of the nude where, until comparatively recently, bodies were sanitized, desexualized, and idealized.
  • Angry young men were politicized, while rebellious young women were sexualized.
  • Of particular relevance for present purposes is Eagleton's insistent questioning of what he calls the "new somatics," specifically the current fetishization of the sexualized and unfailingly "well nourished" body. The Voice of Critique: Aesthetic Cognition After Kant,
  • If this pleasure is paradise, it is very Pacific, L.A.-specific and ultracool even in its sexualized steaminess.
  • Their emergence signaled not the sexualization of the cheerleader - she was already plenty sexualized - but her evolution into a sex object that had nothing to do with the sports team.
  • I did find myself wondering whether some of the projections involved in the relentlessly sexualized interpretation of this image in Extremities might not also make some readers smile at what they consider interpretative absurdities.

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