set out

  1. take the first step or steps in carrying out an action
    We began working at dawn
    Let's get down to work now
    The first tourists began to arrive in Cambodia
    He began early in the day
    Get working as soon as the sun rises!
    Who will start?
  2. lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line
    lay out the arguments
    lay out the clothes
  3. leave
    The family took off for Florida
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How To Use set out In A Sentence

  • I've seen leadership schools set out on the fringes, including one in an outpost of Jerusalem that teaches would-be messiahs to lead in the coming apocalypse.
  • It is best to set out all the circumstances that may lead to a deduction from wages and put these in the documentation you provide to employees. Times, Sunday Times
  • See, for example, the comments set out as notes under the entries for Thoosuchus and Yarengia.
  • The day before the event they will set out guide posts and will work from 8.30am to 4pm on the day, leading walkers on the route, manning checkpoints and providing information.
  • Charged they were that they worshipped an ass's head; which impious folly -- first fastened on the Jews by Tacitus, Hist., lib.v. cap. 1, in these words, "Effigiem animalis, quo monstrante errorem sitimque depulerant, penetrali sacravere" (having before set out a feigned direction received by a company of asses), which he had borrowed from Apion, a railing Egyptian of Alexandria [224] -- was so ingrafted in their minds that no defensative could be allowed. The Sermons of John Owen
  • Harvard-educated Internet entrepreneur and cosmopolite Alex Vik and his wife, Carrie, set out to conjure up a comprehensive personal vision here that involves ranch life, sports, and luxury; a genuine sense of place; and a reach for something universal. Off the Beaten Track
  • Neither man has even come close to achieving what they set out to achieve - helping their party recover from its crash towards obliteration.
  • Clay, read how ishawooadescribed that round and think, high pressuer, could it have been an overcharge ... undercharge ... could the rifling been shot out at the chamber mouth .. all these can cause the indicators he listed, bullet set out alittle could not cause this "unless" there was an excessive gap at the chamber mouth. An Unequal Progress in Accuracy
  • Some of these commentators build up dialectics into an alternative to all previous forms of logic, something that supersedes such ordinary reasoning as the simple syllogistic form of argument set out on the first page of this chapter.
  • So, as John suggests, why won't they simply put the matter to rest by confirming or denying the facts as set out in the memos?
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