How To Use Selma In A Sentence

  • A muselman procures ample temporary relief from worldly care for a mere trifle: he buys at the (_attara_), drug shop, for a penny, a small pipe of _el keef or hashisha_; this completely effects his purpose. An Account of Timbuctoo and Housa Territories in the Interior of Africa
  • Also showing is Lebanese director Muhammed Selman's policier Bombings, Exile, Return: Cinema of a Scarred Land
  • Selma wanted more corporations to hire her as their primary medical vendor.
  • Base sa imbestigasyon, si Selma nagsunod sa usa ka dumptruck nga paingon sa Cebu city agi sa coastal road. Sun.Star Network Online - Your Source of Philippine Community News
  • A minute and a half later, they began beating the marchers with bullwhips and nightsticks that day in 1965 on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.
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  • After a few terms at Selma University, he settled in Montgomery where he first entered the undertaking profession.
  • Selman's cottonwood recruitment has been beset by salt cedar invasion, deer browsing, and heavy grazing by cattle on lush bottomland grasses.
  • For this ‘crime,’ which no one understands but Selma and the audience, American justice will sentence her to the gallows.
  • ‘Scrappy,’ said Selma, ‘if you want to go challenge God to a throwdown, you can be my guest.’
  • Wesselmann's roughly 2-by-3-foot graphite drawing of an uninhabited, full-frontal Volkswagen in a bosky landscape, Drawing for Landscape #2, recalls the confident hand of Rivers.
  • The great speed racer is well for everyone, the past, the present, even if you weren't a fan like me you know deep down the film looks wicked. some say it looks too cartoonish hell thats the point and the first trailer sucked but did u see the others, i hope so then you would understand what im saying. finally hell boy 2. show looks awesome, giant monsters, selma blair on fire and big frickin guns, im down with that. darrin on Apr 23, 2008 EW's Wacky Summer Box Office Predictions «
  • Each time he signs a book, Viselman gives out a bag of gourmet jelly beans and joshes with his new fans.
  • A minute and a half later, they began beating the marchers with bullwhips and nightsticks that day in 1965 on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.
  • Musselman is the son of the late Bill Musselman, who once coached Cleveland and Minnesota and gained a reputation as a man who wouldn't tolerate any hooey.
  • The crew also features Jason Selman, handy with both words and trumpet, and MC Josephine Watson, songster and wordist with a background in theatrical improv.
  • (Most Latin American stars like Selma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro skew art-housey, not working class immigrant.) Matthew Yglesias » Netflix Maps
  • J'ai vu titré sur un programme tele: "TF1 affiche la couleur" en parlant de Harry Roselmack. pinku-tk Diary Entry
  • Selma Ascher stood at the globe, outlining a delicious thigh under the slim blue skirt.
  • The show is rounded out by heavy duty wordsmith Fortner Anderson, the quiet intensity of Jason Selman's poetry, and a sampling of Harris's own fevered flights of fancy.
  • In the Eastern Desert, at three or four days 'journey from Medina, lives a whole Bedouin tribe, called Beni Aly, who are all of this Persian creed; and it is matter of astonishment to find the two most holy spots of the orthodox Muselman religion surrounded, one by the sectaries of Zeyd, and the other by those of Aly, without an attempt having been made to dislodge them. Travels in Arabia; comprehending an account of those territories in Hedjaz which the Mohammedans regard as sacred
  • Hasselman, 1976 in the asymptotic limit where complicating processes such as advective and diffusive exchanges of heat with the deep ocean are ignored e.g. Climate Insensitivity and AR(1) Models « Climate Audit
  • Selma breathed heavily, walked with lead feet, and possessed a grandmotherly smell that will forever be endearing to me (but problematic in covert operations). Todd Kashdan: Three Clues That CEOs or Politicans Are Lying to You
  • If you think a fetus is a human being then that is true whether than fetus is in Selma, Alabama (where I graduated from high school – GO SAINTS!) in Seattle or Sydney, Santiago, Salzberg, or Shanghai. Matthew Yglesias » Imagine If
  • In his defence, Herselman argued that the word baboon was common in conversational Afrikaans and had no malicious or bad intentions. News24
  • Marge's chain-smoking, DMV-working sister, Selma, feels the tick of her biological clock.
  • Selman has sold off two-thirds of his herd so far.
  • When a Mahometan has killed a certain number of infidels, he is sure of Paradise, no matter what his sins may be��the ordinary Musselman takes the precept in broader acceptation, and counts women and children as well. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • Victor Sjöström's silent Swedish classic "The Phantom Carriage" 1921, based on a novel by the Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf, could be watched as rewardingly on Christmas or Easter, thanks to its religious content. The Horror, at Home
  • GOLD And BEN CASSELMAN An oil-drilling procedure called cementing is coming under scrutiny as - Photown News
  • One of the more interesting projects on his platter is something referred to as "Selma," in which he will presumably play Alabama Governor George Wallace in a period civil rights story. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Precious’ Director Lee Daniels And Robert De Niro Are ‘Going To Work Together On Something’ » MTV Movies Blog
  • CHELSEA TELETUBBIES MOGUL SPENDS A FEW MILLION Kenn Viselman, the man who brought America TV for 2-year-olds in the trippy format of the Teletubbies, has just bought an apartment in Chelsea. Philip Johnson Is Mad: Of All Tall Towers, Why Pick on Mine?
  • But what makes Selma Lagerlöf's writings so lovable is that we always seem to hear in them an echo of the most peculiar, the strongest, and the best things that have ever moved the soul of the Swedish people. Nobel Prize in Literature 1909 - Presentation Speech
  • Jim Boone already owns the Tuscaloosa, Selma, those two dailies and a number of weeklies around the state, biweeklies. Oral History Interview with Bert Nettles, July 13, 1974. Interview A-0015. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)
  • When candles are brought into the tent at night, the servant wishes the company a good evening: he says "_M'sah elkhere_," the literal meaning of which is "_Good be with you this evening_;" which salutation it is courteous to return, even to a slave; and if any one, however great his rank, were not to return it, he would be considered a bad muselman, a disaffected and inhospitable barbarian. An Account of Timbuctoo and Housa Territories in the Interior of Africa
  • Because Selma University was unaccredited, Spring Hill wanted Motley to enter as a freshman, which she found intolerable.
  • Funny cake is a cross between a cake and a pie, like shoofly pie, said Julie Musselman, whose Mennonite ancestors, the Landises, arrived in Pennsylvania from Switzerland in 1703. One Big Table
  • While it is certainly true that few people involved in cryptozoological research are collating and analysing their data in a manner comparable with that of other branches of science (indeed most cryptozoological research is manifested as popular or semi-technical writing), this does not mean that such potential does not exist, as demonstrated by empirical studies on cryptozoological data (e.g. Fahrenbach 1998, Daegling & Schmitt 2000, Heinselman 2001). Archive 2006-04-01
  • As Selman explained, the doubling of nitrogen and tripling of phosphorous in the environment since 1960 -- primarily from intensive agriculture - correlates with the explosive growth in the number of hypoxic and eutrophic sites. Peter Hanlon: Dead Zones, Now in More Frightening Detail!
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  • “Up” means St Moritz, where from December until April, Milanese society is to be found every weekend munching apfelstrudel at Hanselman’s, hosting kitschy raclette parties in their houses at Zuoz or Celerina and possibly taking a run down the Trais Fluors or the Corvatsch. How to look the part on the piste
  • KHAN, A.R. and SELMAN, B.J. (1988) On the mortality of Tribolium castaneum adults treated sublethally as larvae with pirimiphos-methyl, Chapter 10
  • `Oh... Selma, Washington... Are you making fun of me? MORE TALES OF THE CITY
  • A neotype is designated and described for D. formosus and a lectotype is designated and described for D.cyanochloris. posted by Craig Heinselman @ 11: 06 AM Archive 2007-01-01
  • The 6-3 senior right-hander threw his fourth consecutive no-hitter Friday to break the state record of three, set by Lloyd Allen of Selma in 1967. California pitcher's fourth straight no-hitter breaks state record
  • Well, I've done it once myself, describing a new mosasaur genus and species, Selmasaurus russelli. 2009 in Dinosaur Paleontology (better late than never).

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