How To Use Sea pea In A Sentence

  • In drier areas one can expect to find wild angelicas, Iceland rush, cuckooflowers, red fescue, sea peas and many other species.
  • One of the new things to look out for will be South Sea Pearls, a rare variety which is very different from the cultured or natural pearls commonly seen.
  • The bone-in steak, one of the very best in the city, comes with sea peas, grilled Benton's bacon artisanal, from Kentucky, delicious, wilted romaine and Nantes carrots, while the fish -- which had been oil-poached -- had artichokes, veloute, and pistachio-basil aillade. Jay Weston: Ray Stark's Exciting Restaurant Opens at LACMA
  • The bottom consists of ridges of rocks -- a "blistery" bottom (abundance of "sea pears", "sea squirts", and other marine growths of a similar nature). Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine
  • His work mixes precious and non-precious elements, from plastics to sea pearls to 24-carat gold.

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