How To Use Scummy In A Sentence

  • Queen Street W in our 'hood used to be kind of scummy with old air conditioning stores, dirty restaurants, etc. Archive 2006-12-01
  • Because the alternative to forcing every state to cover prostate cancer, to keep SD from being scummy, is opening the door to every state being forced by the Federal government cover 130+ things you see on my list. Matthew Yglesias » Bipartisanship, Politico-Style
  • He is able to be suave and scummy at the same time.
  • That is what I call a scummy estate: filthy, evidence of drugs use everywhere, constant reminders of threat of crime, the sort of place taxis won't pick up from. The tragedy of welfare ghettoes
  • They relocated to a scummy flat in South London where there would be no distractions.
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  • He spun his web and ran there and here in scummy clothes with bloodshot eyeballs.
  • I hate the way trials work, given that they seem to require that kind of scummy defense. Teenager denies killing transgender woman
  • God damn he is ugly, haha shameless the whip handles are way too low, there is no way he could get a good whip action with his grip that low. but yeah, he looks uhh rather scummy, which is uhh when rourke has been at his best. First Look: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2 | /Film
  • Sure they're scummy, but compared to the stagnant ponds that make up Upper Hutt ‘City’, they are Mediterranean.
  • He calls no shots, but works as the hit man on various scummy schemes.
  • The boy next to her (Mike, I assumed) wore a scummy baseball cap turned backwards.
  • I feel that's something he definitely worked into the character of the Joker and that brings a very 'scummy' quality to him. Must Watch: Second Full Trailer for The Dark Knight! «
  • a scummy rabble
  • And seriously, when Ollie North tells you to knock something off because it's kind of scummy, that's a really bad sign. In case there was any doubt that Sean Hannity is one of the worst human beings alive
  • Yeah, I know what that ring is around the moon over Korea - it's called scummy toilet moon. Bad Moon Over North Korea
  • the scummy surface of the polluted pond
  • We have lost our way if we've forgotten the importance of protecting speech that is "scummy" and "offensive" and "tripe. Archive 2007-06-01
  • They had fishing poles, and lines with corks on them out floating in the scummy water.
  • Simmer for five minutes before skimming off any scummy bits gathered on the surface.
  • Trained as a chemist, he first made his living not in wine but in one of its lowlier by-products, tartaric acid, a scummy substance derived from grape skins that could be refined into cream of tartar, which was the active element in baking powder and a useful substance in various other culinary endeavors; you could even clean pots with it. LAST CALL
  • Close up, Carlile noticed the dark scummy shoreline and two car tires mired in the mud.
  • Submerged leaves decompose quickly and can cause scummy bacteria to form.
  • They're just relying on the consumer to make certain erroneous assumptions -- namely, that no one would be scummy enough to exploit cancer for profit. Pandora Young: The Pink Ribbon Marketing Scam

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