[ UK /ʃtˈɪk/ ]
[ US /ˈʃtɪk/ ]
  1. (Yiddish) a contrived and often used bit of business that a performer uses to steal attention
    play it straight with no shtik
  2. (Yiddish) a little; a piece
    he's a shtik crazy
    he played a shtik Beethoven
    give him a shtik cake
  3. (Yiddish) a devious trick; a bit of cheating
    how did you ever fall for a shtik like that?
  4. (Yiddish) a prank or piece of clowning
    his shtik made us laugh
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How To Use schtick In A Sentence

  • Daniel wins very big, all the while doing a kind of flippy-floppy hope-and-victory dance that looks like a Saturday Night Live schtick and has Bob Barker in disoriented stitches. Boing Boing: December 28, 2003 - January 3, 2004 Archives
  • Thor, your whole "I'm too erudite to wallow in the sty of mediocrity with the rest of you pigs because I read * serious* books in third grade" schtick is seriously underwhelming me here. Little Kids Can Write Books Better Than You
  • As a pretend doctor myself I can tell you that your schtick is painfully obvious, why do you persist? Think Progress » Still Bitter Over Loss On Health Reform, GOP Seeks To Block Judicial Nominee For His Health Care Views
  • Dumb Blonde: The capricious schtick was all a persona, if Hollywood legend is to be believed.
  • You'll have to show me even a single post where I distorted someone's view. That is not my schtick.
  • PatrioticLiberalChristian says: back-up, your “both sides” schtick is getting old, boring, and down-right irritating. Think Progress » Gingrich Says Democrats ‘Have To Take Some Moral Responsibility’ For Far-Right Death Threats
  • I mean their whole schtick is that Conservatives are not electable and therefore we have to outpander the Democrats by moving to the left and anathematizing conservatives. Is the NRSC Maneuvering to Push Tom Ridge? - Erick’s blog - RedState
  • A little schtick may go a long way, but if all you are is schtick, then you're pretty much schtuck.
  • Atherton's schtick is to show off a smorgasbord of offerings - roasted turbot with five-spice oxtail, say, or grilled spring lamb with cinnamon sweetbreads.
  • I'm no fan of Bill O'Reilly, whose arrogance and smugness appear to be genuine unlike Rush Limbaugh's braggadocio, which is just schtick. BatesLine: March 2005 Archives
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