How To Use Sceptically In A Sentence

  • The present embassy, a Modernist landmark by Eero Saarinen, is still regarded skeptically by critics.
  • The Brazilian mobster looked von Rossbach over skeptically, rolling a toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other. T2©: RISING STORM
  • It would take a trustworthy consensus among a wide group of researchers that have carefully, open-mindedly, and skeptically examined the question, the same sort of consensus that makes us confident about so many claims about physics, medicine, biology, astronomy, andmore. The Volokh Conspiracy » 3. The Practical Costs of Condemning Openness to Distressing Answers on Factual Questions
  • Although I completed a kibbutz ulpan (or Hebrew immersion) program years ago as well as Sar-El, many of the men in boot camp seem to look at me skeptically. Robert David Jaffee: Punting on Israeli Army Boot Camp
  • But viewed more skeptically, or some would say more pragmatically, the operation against Libya represented an intelligence and policy failure that exemplified the long-term refusal of the CIA and MI6 to shut down A. Q. Khan. Fallout
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  • So, I am viewing all parties here a bit skeptically, prepared to question the claim that the Danes are the happiest in the world indeed finding the question somewhat meaningless, while at the same time finding a certain amount of comedy in Bryan's exaggerated efforts to find something, anything, wrong with the HDI or other indices that show the Nordic countries doing pretty well. Against the Human Development Index, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Pliny reported (sceptically) on those who painted themselves a then fashionable monobrow from a paste of crushed flies. The Times Literary Supplement
  • In particular, the high-church tradition of the Christian Reformed Church looks skeptically on revivalism and independent Congregationalism.
  • The announcement was greeted sceptically by the press.
  • The saleswoman raised an eyebrow skeptically; her voice sharpened.
  • Behind her back, Mitch looked sceptically at his editor and Richie grinned, his gaze on Maggie's retreating figure.
  • I had listened skeptically to the broadcast.
  • Don’t be disappointed AndrewZRX – this is all part of the birth experience: going past your due date; being looked upon skeptically by medical personnel who think you’ve peed yourself and don’t even know it; being sent home babyless to twiddle your thumbs and wait for something more definitive to happen. BREAKING NEWS! UPDATED! «
  • he looked at her sceptically
  • She added a bit of a shake to her voice to make it sound more realistic, and though Barbara eyed her skeptically, she accepted the story.
  • However, the actual incidents (as opposed to the preparation and debriefing) are fewer and farther between than I surmised from reading the box cover, and their second-to-last achievement was flim-flamming a bunch of idealistic college kids who had not yet learned to think critically and skeptically. Archive 2005-08-01
  • She rubbed herself dry with the soft towel, and then eyed the clothes skeptically.
  • I may stroke my natiform chin sceptically at Shea's cachinnations, but if such things truly make him tripudiate Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz
  • The announcement was greeted sceptically by the press.
  • Bloomsbury House reacted sceptically with a half-hearted inquiry as to the Home Office attitude to refugee medical students.
  • Briar inquired skeptically, his brows arching on his forehead even as his eyes glimmered a brilliant green of hope.
  • Sobran seems to be unaware that lists of parallels such as he provides have long been looked at very skeptically in attribution studies, since writers in any era consciously or unconsciously influence each other and draw on common sources. Archive 2009-10-01
  • ‘Charlie, the only bands that play there are full of stoners and wasters,’ Joseph said sceptically.
  • ‘Your mom hates me,’ Jimmy said skeptically and fingered the door handle of my car, while remaining tense.
  • Blond day you are to plastically gallinacean evenhandedly how stupefied you beatrice you are, constitutive day i barebacked draftee skeptically how null the fishily contagiously is and what i can do for him. Rational Review
  • My companions glanced around skeptically at the desolate location.
  • Newcomers are viewed skeptically until they "prove" their loyalty, and "woe betide anyone who walks into our house wearing that [hated team X] shirt! Pop Culture

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