How To Use Sanguinary In A Sentence

  • went after the collaborators with a sanguinary fury that drenched the land with blood
  • Many fierce and sanguinary conflicts took place between Saladin and the crusaders, but neither side, for a time, gained any decided advantage.
  • Even before this, the reaction of the badly frightened British had been sanguinary and included a revival of the old Mughal punishment of tying captured mutineers over the mouths of cannon and blowing them apart.
  • In spite of his recorded acts and utterances the mythopeic faculty of the peoples had given itself free scope and created a messianic democrat destined to free the lower orders, as they were called, in each state from the shackles of capitalism, legalized thraldom, and crushing taxation, and each nation from sanguinary warfare. The Inside Story of the Peace Conference
  • But how is it possible to be harsh and not sanguinary, in aspiring to become the Leader of a Revolutionary News Report
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  • _employe_ which Balzac was to rehandle so often, but drops suddenly into brigands stopping diligences, the marriage of the heroine Annette with a retired pirate marquis of vast wealth, the trial of the latter for murdering another marquis with a poisoned fish-bone scarf-pin, his execution, the sanguinary reprisals by his redoubtable lieutenant, and The Human Comedy: Introductions and Appendix
  • Of wounds, indeed, it is rightly and truly said, Nemo repente fuit turpissimus. 15 I was once, I remember, called to a patient who had received a violent contusion in his tibia, by which the exterior cutis was lacerated, so that there was a profuse sanguinary discharge; and the interior membranes were so divellicated, that the os or bone very plainly appeared through the aperture of the vulnus or wound. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
  • Tennyson's sanguinary phrase reflects not a rule of life, but despair at the death of a friend.
  • It was maintained that the sanguinary purification imparted by the taurobolium was more efficacious than baptism. The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism
  • I am a sanguinary murderer of time, that would kill him inchmeal just now. The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb — Volume 4 Poems and Plays
  • Thousands and ten-thousands of virtuous, well-disposed men and women, who had as little sympathy with anabaptistical as with Roman depravity; were butchered in cold blood, under the sanguinary rule of Charles, in the Netherlands. The Rise of the Dutch Republic — Volume 02: Introduction II
  • The organized system of plunder and anarchy, exercised under different forms more or less sanguinary, produced no permanent result beyond an incontestible proof that the versatility of the French nation, and its puny suppleness of character, utterly incapacitate it for that energetic enterprise without which there can be no hope of permanent emancipation from national slavery. Memoirs of the Courts of Louis XV and XVI. Being secret memoirs of Madame Du Hausset, lady's maid to Madame de Pompadour, and of the Princess Lamballe — Volume 7
  • Vampires are famous not only for coffin cribs and an affinity for sanguinary necks, but also for their hard-earned immortality. 8 Fictional Vampires Who Achieved Reel Immortality | Fandomania
  • This week, however, the fighting was particularly sanguinary, with reported casualties being suffered on both sides.
  • Specifically, it might inspire them to revisit the politically arduous and philosophically complex struggle whereby modern liberalism overcame the sanguinary terror of religious conflict in post-Reformation Europe.
  • Finding it hopeless longer to look for succour or common humanity from the deceitful and infatuated court of Sicily, which persisted in prohibiting by sanguinary edicts the exportation of supplies, at his own risk, he sent his first lieutenant to the port of Girgenti, with orders to seize and bring with him to Malta the ships which were there lying laden with corn; of the numbers of which he had received accurate information. The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson
  • With these few sanguinary remarks we will now proceed to diagnosticate the exercises of the mornin 'hour. Gov. Bob. Taylor's Tales
  • The sanguinary monsters that have de [luged] France with blood, in order to prepare the people for the [comm] ission of every crime, and thereby carry their nefarious Letter from Thomas Y. How to Joseph Caldwell, December 27, 1796 :Electronic Edition.
  • There are few more gruesome and sanguinary spectacles than a Tory leadership struggle: one lasting eight months is uncharted territory - a marathon of fear, loathing and betrayal.
  • Were it possible to bring about the decentralisation which is to-day preoccupying minds lacking in foresight, the achievement would promptly have for consequence the most sanguinary disorders. The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
  • But how is it possible to be harsh and not sanguinary, in aspiring to become the News Report
  • this bitter and sanguinary war
  • Trembling with terror of this formidable freebooter (for he placed no belief in the declaration that he was the prince of Scotland), the man obeyed, and Bruce breaking the seals, found, as he expected, a long epistle from the regent, urging the sanguinary aim of his communications. The Scottish Chiefs
  • As the Devil is ordinarily by no means wanting in shrewdness, the omission might perhaps be set down to his credit on the score of charity, but for his abominable taste in matters of diabolical vertûe, as shown by his penchant for sanguinary signatures to all compacts and bonds for bad behavior made with or exacted by him, in the course of his "regular dealings" with mankind, and hence it must be considered a clear case of ignorance or oversight, that this test, compared to which there is toleration for boils even, was not applied. Life in the Rocky Mountains
  • This time the sanguinary tale takes place in an uncomfortable meeting of her Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witch books.
  • Grabantak's skull when he mentioned his sanguinary intentions, but recalling Alf's oft-quoted words, "Discretion is the better part of valour," he restrained himself. The Giant of the North Pokings Round the Pole
  • It was at the time when Blaise de Montluc, the sanguinary chief, struck the Protestants with a heavy hand, and his sword hewed them in pieces, while, in the name of a God of mercy, he inundated the earth with tears and blood. Béarn and the Pyrenees A Legendary Tour to the Country of Henri Quatre

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