How To Use Sadomasochistic In A Sentence

  • This sadomasochistic element introduces complex shades of meaning to her character.
  • Such sadomasochistic contact between consenting sexual partners is more common than was formerly believed.
  • The various happenings at the club over the past two years have bordered on the sadomasochistic. Times, Sunday Times
  • Women are portrayed as desexualized personae and seen through a sadomasochistic veil.
  • A new standard for sadomasochistic depravity is set each time the cameras roll.
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  • Kurosawa's film conveys these messages without utilizing crude sadomasochistic images, yet it's a much more frightening film.
  • In this sense, discipline can carry a sadomasochistic connotation of role-play in the interest of pleasure.
  • Not, in fact, a sexy, sadomasochistic cult, Opus Dei was described inaccurately and to the extreme, for example, the spiked bloody cilice of Silas used to horrify readers and audience members. Archive 2006-06-01
  • De la cintura para abajo (From the Waist Down, 1999) satirizes the boredom of a bourgeois couple who engage the services of an unemployed torturer after democracy is restored, to act as their sadomasochistic sexologist and help them solve their marital problems. Diana Raznovich.
  • Parkour purists have a sadomasochistic belief in body conditioning. Times, Sunday Times
  • I can see the sadomasochistic appeal, but it is also kind of ridiculous. Times, Sunday Times
  • Further on, other members of the court seek to use Shakespeare's name to pen shockingly awful plays, including Queen Elizabeth herself, with material that entwines her craving for affection with sadomasochistic urges.
  • We have seen characters like this in many mob stories, the sadomasochistic psychopath who flaunts rank against reproach.
  • What about couples who enjoy sadomasochistic relationships? Times, Sunday Times
  • The central sadomasochistic drama is played out against the background of Erika's enmeshment with her controlling mother.
  • The play's sexuality is always sadomasochistic, emphasized by his heated direction.
  • They also note that while sadomasochistic fantasies are common, most of those who find such fantasies sexually arousing have no desire to experience the acts in real life.
  • There are, for instance, "gay" transsexuals, bisexual " swingers ", and lesbian sadomasochistic fetishists.
  • sadomasochistic sexual practices
  • Reaction to such obvious sadomasochistic goading exceeds the energy threshold of this reviewer.
  • And the possibility that he had a sadomasochistic relationship with Hester Thrale, that she functioned as something like we might call a dominatrix nowadays is an old, old speculation. Amorous Propensities :The Sexuality Blog
  • A businessman arrested for luring a 16-year-old schoolgirl into a sadomasochistic love sesh is a bit of a nutter a court heard.
  • Alas, reaction to such obvious sadomasochistic goading exceeds the energy threshold of this reviewer.
  • Women are portrayed as desexualized personae and seen through a sadomasochistic veil.
  • Their mutual pursuit turns into a sadomasochistic game, cruelly played on both sides. Times, Sunday Times
  • Whatever it is called, however, it typically involves two willing partners who have agreed to enact a sadomasochistic "scene".
  • They are the dirty secrets under the squeaky-clean surface, the seductive sadomasochistic dream behind absolute power.
  • If you like your exercise class slightly sadomasochistic but ultimately effective, this is the class for you. Times, Sunday Times
  • Which can be seen as physical punishment and sadomasochistic violence, verbal abuse directly or indirectly, manifested in a kind of verbal violence.
  • It is the perfect sadomasochistic relationship. Times, Sunday Times
  • The elements of sadomasochistic sex, desires for violence, and a trajectory toward suicide will provoke discomfort among many readers.

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