[ UK /ɹˌiːˈɪtəɹˌe‍ɪt/ ]
[ US /ɹiˈɪtɝˌeɪt/ ]
  1. to say, state, or perform again
    She kept reiterating her request
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How To Use reiterate In A Sentence

  • The thanatological philosophies of spirit that Schelling here wishes were dead are in fact very much alivehence the reiterated forcefulness of his censure. Mourning Becomes Theory: Schelling and the Absent Body of Philosophy
  • [_CATTY sighs and groans, striking the back of one hand reiteratedly into the palm of the other -- rises -- beats the devil's tattoo as she stands -- then claps her hands again. Tales and Novels — Volume 08
  • He reiterates the issues at the end of each chapter, with a brief summation of the argument, thus giving the reader a basic understanding of each author's particular intention.
  • All post-war Prime Ministers up to Margaret Thatcher reiterated the same view.
  • Leader of the US delegation, then-Vice President Al Gore's view was seconded and reiterated by distinguished speakers from all over the world.
  • Again, allow me to reiterate: the US government says that waterboarding is not torture, and international authorities say that waterboarding is not torture. Tom McIntyre Explains His Picks for our 2009 Hunting and Fishing Heroes and Villians Face-Off
  • The silly pretext of difficulties by which my erasure, notwithstanding the reiterated solicitations of the victorious General, was so long delayed made me apprehensive of a renewal, under a weak and jealous pentarchy, of the horrible scenes of 1796. Complete Project Gutenberg Collection of Memoirs of Napoleon
  • But I must reiterate that I am not here speaking about what we glibly call ‘class.’
  • Another thing I want to reiterate is to please not play the race card without basis. From Officer Powell, yet another case of 'poor judgment and insensitivity'? | RELIGION Blog | dallasnews.com
  • James Carville thought it was appropriate to liken Bill Richardson to Judas who sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver when he endorsed Barack Obama and reiterated his incongruous biblical analogy on CNN by saying that Richardson was being "disloyal" - not to the country, but to the Clintons. Sam Sedaei: The Price of Loyalty
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