[ UK /ɹɪflˈɛksɪv/ ]
[ US /ɹəˈfɫɛksɪv/ ]
  1. a personal pronoun compounded with -self to show the agent's action affects the agent
  1. without volition or conscious control
    a reflex knee jerk
    sneezing is reflexive
    the automatic shrinking of the pupils of the eye in strong light
  2. referring back to itself
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How To Use reflexive In A Sentence

  • Yes, some teachers and parents reflexively hand out the equivalent of a doggie biscuit every few minutes, the result being that kids habituate to it and it has no impact. Alfie Kohn: Criticizing (Common Criticisms of) Praise
  • In retrospect, it appears we required a developed and reflexive feminist, gay and transgendered global vision to see through the prejudice governing sexuality, gender, ethnicity and the legislative restraints that paternally impose on enculturation and self-identification. G. Roger Denson: Gender as Performance & Script: Reading the Art of Yvonne Rainer, Cindy Sherman, Sarah Charlesworth & Lorna Simpson After Eve Sedgwick & Judith Butler
  • The argument is that without distinct individuals that are metaphysically prior to the relations, there is nothing to stand in the irreflexive relations that are supposed to confer individuality on the relata. Structural Realism
  • Like its predecessors, the novel comes dripping in satire, but this time of a more avowedly self-reflexive nature. The Times Literary Supplement
  • Reflexive and overdetermined, it is a conceit that fully reveals its rather heavy hand towards the end. Times, Sunday Times
  • This reflexive element in my research is of crucial importance and helps me understand the testimony of some of the people I interviewed.
  • This has the consequence that the readings dependent on the long-distance binding of the reflexives are incorrectly ruled out.
  • Byrne does hew to the representationalist's line of supervenience (no phenomenal difference without an intentional difference), but if his argument does not rule out mental paint, an anti-representationalist may construct inversion cases such as that of Block's (1990) "Inverted Earth" (see Section 4.4 below), and argue that the paint is a nonfunctional intrinsic mental feature of the experience given in introspection, which is close enough to a "quale" in Block's special sense, even if the feature does happen to be reflexively represented by the experience itself. Representational Theories of Consciousness
  • To do so, she explores the idea of metaphoricity, transforming conceits into self-reflexive, self-questioning, and ultimately self-effacing representation.
  • I jumped at least two feet in the air in a completely involuntary, reflexive response.
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