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[ UK /ɹɪsˈɪpɹəkˌe‍ɪt/ ]
[ US /ɹɪˈsɪpɹəˌkeɪt/ ]
  1. act, feel, or give mutually or in return
    We always invite the neighbors and they never reciprocate!
  2. alternate the direction of motion of
    the engine reciprocates the propeller
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How To Use reciprocate In A Sentence

  • True Christianity is about judgment, atonement and forgiveness and NOT unreciprocated outreach contrary to what the beardie-weirdie and his acolytes might say. How Do Y0u Solve A Problem Like Sharia
  • Patrons remained in the superior social position, even if they failed to reciprocate their clients' public bestowals of loyalty and honor.
  • Casey blushed, her hands full, not being able to reciprocate, but grinning as much as her anyway.
  • The cause of the separation is thought to be his unreciprocated desire to have children.
  • In a town that is repeatedly transformed by professional churn and the fight of the week, day or hour, Aly harked back to an era when loyalty was inspired and reciprocated, and institutional memory - even in the green room - was prized. The man who would greet 'The Press'
  • He reciprocated the embrace, rocking her gently as he pressed kisses into her hair.
  • Meggie saw it as a chance to reciprocate for those lonely Queensland years, and Anne saw it as salvation. THE THORN BIRDS
  • The story line is fast-paced from the moment Ian knows who Chantal is, but though she reciprocates struggles to persuade her they belong together. Mystic Rider-Patricia Rice « The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews
  • She couldn't possibly struggle, she knew, or she'd jeopardize her intent there, and her passiveness was mistaken by Alex to be reciprocated passion.
  • Although people typically disdain thinking about close relationships in exchange terms, partners often do reciprocate favors and kindnesses toward each other.
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