[ US /ɹəˈvɛnə/ ]
  1. a battle between the French and an alliance of Spaniards and Swiss and Venetians in 1512
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How To Use Ravenna In A Sentence

  • After a three-year siege of Ravenna, Odovacar surrendered. 493, Feb. 27
  • Goths had their own Arian churches (as can still be seen in Ravenna), and surviving documents written by clerics show that Gothic was spoken there.
  • We may accept as certain that Aquileia had from the time of the formation of separate rites (fourth century) its own use, that this use was not the same as that of Rome, that probably it was one more variant of the large group of Western Rites, connected by (Eastern?) origin, which we call Gallican, that it was probably really related to the old Milanese Rite and perhaps still more to that of Ravenna. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 16 [Supplement]
  • Garden building Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm, at locations in Ravenna, the Central District, and Delridge; more info available here. Awesome-Sounding If Weirdly Named « PubliCola
  • Bad stuff was creeping north from the U-District (i.e., drug paraphenalia and dead bodies in Ravenna Park, bums roaming the neighborhoods) and the public schools were appalling. Sound Politics: Let's Help Nicole Brodeur
  • A city of north-central Italy southwest of Ravenna. It is noted for its richly colored pottery, produced here since the 2th century. Population, 39,700.
  • At the head of three hundred followers, that fearless Barbarian immediately sallied from the gates of Ravenna; surprised, and cut in pieces, a considerable body of Goths; reentered the city in triumph; and was permitted to insult his adversary, by the voice of a herald, who publicly declared that the guilt of Alaric had forever excluded him from the friendship and alliance of the emperor. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Yet despite his fierce appearance and the barbarous glint in his eyes, the Chief bore himself with a dignity no less than regal - so much so that Ravenna found her own father paling in comparison.
  • Desiderius kept faith at first, and proceeded to resign the districts to the pope, according to the agreement made with Pepin, so that an exarch was no longer sent from Constantinople to Ravenna, but it was governed according to the will of the pope. The History of Florence
  • Marcellinus spits the venom of a Greek subject — perjuriis illectus, interfectusque est, (in Chron.)] 23 The sonorous and servile oration of Ennodius was pronounced at Milan or Ravenna in the years The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
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