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[ UK /pɹˌɒbə‍lmˈætɪk/ ]
[ US /ˌpɹɑbɫəˈmætɪk/ ]
  1. open to doubt or debate
    If you ever get married, which seems to be extremely problematic
  2. making great mental demands; hard to comprehend or solve or believe
    a baffling problem
    I faced the knotty problem of what to have for breakfast
    a problematic situation at home
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How To Use problematic In A Sentence

  • More problematic are the relationships of the four major groups, hexapods (including insects), crustaceans, myriapods (including centipedes and millipedes), and chelicerates (including spiders).
  • Proper melting, whiteness, and browning are still problematic in manufacturing low-fat mozzarella.
  • The reason that the minimum wage is problematic is that it is also self-limiting, only because companies can't pay employees less than the minimum wage, what generally gets limited is the number of jobs.
  • However, asking for direct recompense is problematic for several reasons.
  • Defining rigorously what constitutes a clinically significant depressive illness is problematic, regardless of the age range under consideration.
  • I have read that ageism is particularly problematic in IT, with some companies refusing to hire anyone over age 35! Women Grow Business » The Incredible Disappearing Woman: Lessons on Dealing With Ageism From Mollie Katzen
  • Granted, Tyson's may be fixed over the next 30 years by extending the Washington Metro, but the street layouts, set up for maximum automobility, that define the urban space are problematic and limit possibilities. The End of Suburbia
  • Men's fear of the uterus and menstruation may be problematic but more devastating by far are women's own negative attitudes.
  • Multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora Thunb.) was the fifth-most problematic species.
  • Planting directly into more silicic ash such as rhyolite is however more problematic, due to nutrient issues such as nitrogen and calcium deficiency (Neild and others, 1998). Volcanic Ash—Effects on Agriculture and Mitigation Strategies
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