[ US /ˈpɪk/ ]
[ UK /pˈɪk/ ]
  1. the act of choosing or selecting
    you can take your pick
    your choice of colors was unfortunate
  2. the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving
  3. a thin sharp implement used for removing unwanted material
    he used a pick to clean the dirt out of the cracks
  4. the person or thing chosen or selected
    he was my pick for mayor
  5. the best people or things in a group
    the cream of England's young men were killed in the Great War
  6. the quantity of a crop that is harvested
    it was the biggest peach pick in years
    he sent the first picking of berries to the market
  7. a heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends
    they used picks and sledges to break the rocks
  8. a basketball maneuver; obstructing an opponent with one's body
    he was called for setting an illegal pick
  9. a small thin device (of metal or plastic or ivory) used to pluck a stringed instrument
  1. remove in small bits
    pick meat from a bone
  2. pull lightly but sharply with a plucking motion
    he plucked the strings of his mandolin
  3. remove unwanted substances from, such as feathers or pits
    Clean the turkey
  4. pay for something
    pick up the tab
    foot the bill
    pick up the burden of high-interest mortgages
  5. hit lightly with a picking motion
  6. attack with or as if with a pickaxe of ice or rocky ground, for example
    Pick open the ice
  7. pilfer or rob
    pick pockets
  8. look for and gather
    pick flowers
    pick mushrooms
  9. eat intermittently; take small bites of
    She never eats a full meal--she just nibbles
    He pieced at the sandwich all morning
  10. provoke
    pick a fight or a quarrel
  11. harass with constant criticism
    Don't always pick on your little brother
  12. select carefully from a group
    He picked his way carefully
    She finally picked her successor
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How To Use pick In A Sentence

  • As I did at FIAC, I selected 18 galleries and asked their most anglophonic expert to pick an image and talk about it for under two minutes. Michael Kurcfeld: Doing Shots: The Old and the New at Paris Photo 2011 (VIDEO)
  • If there was any hope of holding on to even a shred of her dwindling self-respect, she should do exactly what she knew Margo would do—close the laptop, take her de-scrunchied, perfumed, and nearly thonged self down to the nearest club, pick up the first passably good-looking stranger who asked her to dance, and bring him back to the apartment for some safe but anonymous sex. Goodnight Tweetheart
  • It should be a baritone scoring game and the unfortunate should be in early disceptation for a top 3 pick. Xml's Blinklist.com
  • People were gulping down sundowners, women seemed to be, rather disinterestedly, sipping their drinks and picking up a bite.
  • It bothered me a little that I didn't have a pickup, and I couldn't see doing much off road driving with my Mustang fastback.
  • Ketheral looked around the inside of the armory, picked up a chainwhip, a normal whip, a brace of throwing knives, and a couple of shields.
  • Mr. Sorapong, 35 years old, selected industrial estate developers Hemaraj Land & Development PCL and Amata Corporation PCL among his top picks, with Hemaraj returning 147% over the course of 2010 and Amata providing a 99% return on investment. Real Estate
  • I picked a piece of fluff off my shiny black suit.
  • I picked up the faint sound of a car in the distance.
  • Of course, this kid dreams of a place like this island, where nobody works except to keep house and pick wild blueberries and beachcomb. Diary
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