How To Use Overcritical In A Sentence

  • the overcritical teacher can discourage originality
  • Fortunately , these times are overcritical anaesthesia and at the same time perform TOE.
  • rejective or overcritical attitudes of disappointed parents
  • I would not be overcritical. Times, Sunday Times
  • The overcritical teacher can discourage originality.
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  • The numerical results show that the elephant foot bulging is in fact buckling failure which is caused by the overcritical compressive stress rather than intensity failure.
  • People are traditionally overcritical of their own work.
  • But they can be unreasonable micromanagers who burn out employees and are overcritical. Times, Sunday Times
  • Again, I am not trying to be overcritical of them, but let's be realistic.
  • Continue to increase your skills, but do not be overcritical of your abilities. Times, Sunday Times
  • Finally, do not be overcritical or 'nit-picking' and always praise before you criticise - and always finish with praise. Times, Sunday Times

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