How To Use Orgiastic In A Sentence

  • Precisely because of the anonymous, orgiastic, revolving-door-type sexuality so despised by homophobes and fundamentalist Christians.
  • 20-25 is really the only time you'll have for Bacchanalian orgiastic sex of the highest caliber.
  • Admirably, he downplays Orff the vulgarian and shapes this most popular of 20th century choral works into something more than just a series of orgiastic bangs and crashes.
  • Yet when the film ramps up, with the underlying percussive score beginning to race like a thumping heartbeat, it explodes in an all-out orgiastic bloodletting intercut with a joyous dance sequence.
  • The prim, obliterated, polite surface of life, and the broad, bawdy and orgiastic -- or maenadic -- foundations, form a spectacle to which no habit reconciles me. Varieties of Religious Experience, a Study in Human Nature
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  • Eventually the narrative reaches its climax and the tantalizing underworld of desire and fear destroys itself in an orgiastic frenzy of voyeurism, a chase with guns, violence, and an Oedipal parricide.
  • This massive cut in taxes laid the foundations for the environment of social debauchery and orgiastic celebration of wealth that characterized the 1980s.
  • I do not wish to drag you back to our erotic temple art - there are after all any number of perverse moneybags funding such orgiastically sacred architecture - but look closer home at the popular calendar art since the time of Raja Ravi Verma and his seductive see-through portrayals of woman's body that attained pan-Indian acceptability. Kafila
  • One of the relative benefits of paganism over Christianity is that paganism usually has holidays devoted to wild orgiastic excess.
  • It throws more and more below the poverty line each year, thus increasing the ranks of the feared ‘underclass’ who might well explode into orgiastic criminality and expropriation at any moment.
  • The Blood Brothers' two vocalists play off one another, entwining their lightspeed lyrics into one orgiastic mass of sound.
  • Reminds me of the orgiastically absurd Eastern European polka-inspired mayhem Macy Gray concocted on “Oblivion”. Download This: Basement Jaxx |
  • And many might like to hear tales of the political classes decamping to the seaside for a week of fervent backstabbing, orgiastic networking and roaring drunkenness.
  • The exuberant decadence of such pictures aroused, in the most famously prudish of English art historians, something akin to a sexual terror, so that even when looking at Bronzino's religious altarpieces he saw nothing but bodies orgiastically intertwined in a carnal hell. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • Duck was served orgiastically and sweet yams in some ambrosial sauce. FAIRYLAND
  • We developed (and I use this term loosely) folks orgiastically indulged in the freedom and sex appeal of cars and now that we're middle-aged and no longer capable of rising to those emotions, we can't understand why everyone doesn't embrace moderation. Vicki Iovine: Girlfriends' Guide To Global Warming: How Having Teenagers Makes Me An Expert On Developing Countries
  • Wikipedia has an entry on somatic psychologyand another on body psychotherapy, but not a specific entry for somatic psychotherapy; a website calledGoodtherapy, however, defines it as the brainchild of Wilhelm Reich, a German psychologist who believed, among other things, in a cosmic, primordial energy called orgone and who was known to try and increase the ‘orgiastic potency’ of patients by treating them in their underwear. Somatic Psychotherapy « shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows
  • True, it didn't show Tom and Nicole making love nor was the orgy orgiastic.
  • Seriously, does anyone remember this kind of orgiastic response over election results? Daniel Cubias: What Does An Obama Administration Mean for Latinos?
  • It further didn't help that all the roommate had to watch was saved episodes of Will and Grace and Sex and the City, both of which celebrate NYC with orgiastic fervor.
  • The problem was that they were only admitted after the festivities had passed their orgiastic peak.
  • He spent the remainder of his last evening in orgiastic dissipation, for which I don’t blame him. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It Department: Christopher Hitchens, The Ron Paul Letter, And Dr. King
  • Quite often orgiastic too, not to mention 'acceptably' (so some would have it) depraved. Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...
  • Modern Architecture Uninhibited," he scoffed, Googie was "orgiastic" and "organic," a more-is-better modern art in which anything goes, even at the risk of incoherence. Chronicle
  • It was also drunken frenzy which suggested to Nietzsche the ecstatic abandonment and orgiastic revelry of the ancient cult of Dionysus.
  • The orgiastic reaches a licentious, contagious and unrestrainable climax in the festal - those moments occasioning transgressions of imposed morality.
  • His Hallmark poetry was orgiastically (but cannily) sentimental.
  • So, for the next 5 days my body is going to be a temple - of the kind that has fountains of blessed water, and harvest festival with organic vegetables, rather than the type with wine libations and orgiastic dancing.
  • The Gurre-Lieder was one final, almost orgiastically beautiful evening-length work, for staggeringly large forces, on mythic subject matter.
  • People who put up pagan mistletoe at a Christian ceremony must expect orgiastic behaviour. NOTHING TO WEAR AND NOWHERE TO HIDE: A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES
  • Look at you biting your knuckle orgiastically while your leather minion whips a defenseless Isabelle De Funès. Happy Birthday, Carroll Baker
  • orgiastic festivity
  • Not all critics felt the same as Walker or Ebert - Bret Easton Ellis praised Fight Club as ‘a wild, orgiastic pop masterpiece’ - but if audiences were offended, maybe they were supposed to be.
  • I can imagine Whitman at the end of his life posting furiously, orgiastically. Adam Hanft: Do We Need Another Place to Kvetch? More Than You Realize
  • Since alcohol and blood sacrifice were associated with the worship of the goddess, at times it contained an orgiastic element.
  • They live over the mountains and they have dastardy orgiastic rites and eat babies sometimes. From the mouth of babes
  • Hot hurricane action: water crashes furiously over the sea wall, palm trees whip back and forth in an orgiastic frenzy and street signs waggle suggestively in the wind.
  • The sheer volume of sounds and flavors orgiastically mix harmonically in this album.
  • Womb," the orgiastic religious festival of Aphrodite in Argos, where the Womb of the World was adored and symbolically fructified.1 by offering sacrifice, in this case, pigs? Archive 2008-05-01
  • San Francisco, California - Conservative groups confront SF mayor for "orgiastic QueerClick
  • As the final battle between the sex-addicts and the neuters unfolds, head injuries multiply, heralding the orgiastic dawn of the neighborhood's sexual - and genuinely moral - awakening.
  • Other races around the world can pull bigger crowds, but not the Kentucky or Epsom Derby, the Grand National, or Japan Cup engage a country in an almost orgiastic display of shared pleasure.
  • Seriously, does anyone remember this kind of orgiastic response over el ... Daniel Cubias: What Does An Obama Administration Mean for Latinos?
  • In one carnivalesque scene the peasants return to their abandoned village to find their clothes piled up, sorted by colour; they throw them orgiastically into the air, choosing what they will - their collective property.
  • That delights the band's publicist who has been telling us that this is a return to the era when album launches were hyper-expensive, orgiastic affairs that lasted all day and are still remembered.
  • Where did this hatred of Witchcraft begin and who is responsible for spreading the myths of diabolism, devil-worship, infanticide and crazed orgiastic rites?
  • First we had the privilege of enjoying Baise-Moi, a tale of female empowerment through an orgiastic killing spree, that failed to disturb simply because it was so shockingly bad.
  • It is a stellar performance - Keith Moon's orgiastic flailing, mugging, and thrashing behind the kit leaves one utterly transfixed, and that's just a quarter of the group's dynamic.
  • The chorus responds with a rampage of orgiastic abandon [listen - No 14, Das Tier aus der Erde, 1: 04-2: 40].
  • Disturbing and hellish narratives pour forth from the paintings: gatherings of men where the promise of violence lingers, scenes of orgiastic cannibalism, and lone individuals who fall prey to ‘the mob’.
  • The media orgiastically detailed every look, word and tear the fallen starlet issued in court, just as it has obsessively covered every other mishap in this young woman's excruciatingly public life. Lindsay Lohan: Mean Girls Go To Jail
  • Red Indians, while they were still unaffected by white men, would smoke their pipes, not calmly as we do, but orgiastically, inhaling so deeply that they sank into a faint. Bertrand Russell - Nobel Lecture
  • Was not this woman one who would, geographically situated otherwise, have been yelling orgiastically in stadiums, supporting S.S. men in their ambitions, presenting bouquets to her Fuehrer? ... Giddy & Malevolent
  • Wearing gillmasks, they displayed their pretty nudities to the by-passers, promising but never quite delivering orgiastic frenzies. Up The Line
  • Surely the best product of To's Cinema City period is The Big Heat, an orgiastically brutal yet intelligently structured policier.
  • Now until she gets caught on film in some kind of orgiastic foray into the vast sexual unknown for fun and profit she has plenty of conservative cred in the minds of the average Californian. Hot Air » Top Picks
  • Aka, how do I get you to make me screaming in orgiastic frenzy? Good vibrations. «
  • With renewed energy I jump from the futon and collect my clothes, strewn orgiastically around the tiny bedroom. Songs of the Humpback Whale

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