[ US /ɔɹˈdeɪn/ ]
[ UK /ɔːdˈe‍ɪn/ ]
  1. order by virtue of superior authority; decree
    The King ordained the persecution and expulsion of the Jews
    the legislature enacted this law in 1985
  2. issue an order
  3. invest with ministerial or priestly authority
    The minister was ordained only last month
  4. appoint to a clerical posts
    he was ordained in the Church
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How To Use ordain In A Sentence

  • Former Suffragan Bishop of Southampton, the Rt Rev Jonathan Gledhill, ordained Cate as a deacon at Romsey Abbey in 2001 and the curate was priested the following year.
  • It is too bad that we often put readers, ordained and lay, in costumes that shackle the creative reading of texts.
  • Our mercenaries (Blackwater and Haliburton and their minion) will still be on the ground, interfering with the new government whenever it drifts from the preordained path carved out by the American government since The Carter Doctrine. CNN Poll: Americans overwhelming support moving US combat troops out of Iraqi cities
  • In Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell, the "telescreen" compulsorily present in every house is not only a television broadcasting from the outside, but a sort of CCTV camera, observing the people in the room, shouting at them if they fail to meet the standards ordained by the state of which Big Brother is the dictator, always watching them. Telegraph.co.uk: news business sport the Daily Telegraph newspaper Sunday Telegraph
  • The re-ordination conferred there was based on the precedent of the strengthening procedure (Pali: dalhikamma) followed, for instance, when bhikkhus ordained according to the procedures of the Sri Lankan division of Theravada have been re-ordained according to those of the Burmese division of Theravada. A Summary Report of the 2007 International Congress on the Women's Role in the Sangha: Bhikshuni Vinaya and Ordination Lineages ��� Part Two: Day One
  • But ascetics, nuns, and unordained members of religious associations of men were not originally in the ranks of the clergy, and, strictly speaking, are not so even to-day, though, on account of their closer and more special dependence on ecclesiastical authority, they have long been included under the title clergy in its wider sense (see RELIGIOUS). The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8: Infamy-Lapparent
  • Abraham learned that God had selected and foreordained many spirits to specific missions in mortality.
  • On its ground floor, executive director Amy Tobin showed me some salvaged-wood tables, benches, and a lustrously smooth black-acacia countertop created by Paul Discoe, an ordained Buddhist priest whose Oakland-based company, Live Edge, utilizes lumber from urban street trees that have been cut down due to storm damage, disease, and other reasons. Anneli Rufus: Rainwater Toilets and Slag: Touring Berkeley's Greenest Building
  • His eldest son John was ordained as deacon, serving as curate under his father at Llangeitho.
  • Not yet, however, was the power of the keys instituted, which is derived from Christ's Passion, and consequently it was not yet ordained that a man should grieve for his sin, with the purpose of submitting himself by confession and satisfaction to the keys of the Church, in the hope of receiving forgiveness through the power of Christ's Passion. Summa Theologica, Part III (Tertia Pars) From the Complete American Edition
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