1. retinal protein formed by the action of light on rhodopsin
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How To Use opsin In A Sentence

  • This pellet was utilized to prepare bacteriorhodopsin while the supernatant was used for the isolation of crude fatty acids.
  • Upon replacement of chloride ion with azide, the fast electric signal changes its sign from positive to negative, and becomes similar to that detected in bacteriorhodopsin.
  • Rhodopsin consists of a protein called opsin bonded to a pigment called retinal.
  • Other arrhythmic animals must also have dichromatic color vision during the day and detect wavelengths somewhere between 430 and 500 nm at night, depending on their rhodopsins and specific types of blue pigments.
  • The newly identified isomerase enzyme plays a crucial role in the regeneration of rhodopsin visual pigment in the retina after light exposure.
  • Also, rhodopsin helps keeping our eyes see things clearly in the dark by improving the visual ability, and at the same time protects us from the hazard of the computer radiation.
  • The NK1, kappa opioid, and CCRS receptors all have an amino acid composition similar to rhodopsin near the conserved Pro.
  • The economies of ‘traditional’ fuels like RME and ethanol from starch and sugar cropsin moderate climate zones are poor and unlikely to reach competitive price levels. Chapter 9
  • They'll-get-you-coming-and-going, from his Grove entry: Apart from [his appointment as Abbot of] Löpsingen, he had three sources of income — a stipend from the Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in Rome, the abbacy of San Stefano in Carrara, near Padua, and a provostship in the Rhenish town of Seltz. Archive 2009-03-01
  • Each of these species contains opsin genes which are not expressed in the adult retina.
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