How To Use One-night stand In A Sentence

  • Cities are littered with singles clubs and discotheques that aim to pair people up, even if it's just for a one-night stand.
  • I don't go out on the pull, and the realm of one-night stands seems to be beyond someone with my looks and personality.
  • a one-night stand
  • More the netizen criticises in leave a message this game is trenchant is " aid hands in platform " , one-night standing is flush, should prevent this kind of insalubrious game to travel in adolescent.
  • When the Iranian-backed Hizbullah militia started the systematic recruitment of holy warriors to fight the Israeli occupation of Lebanon in the early 1980s, its mullahs approved so-called mut'aa marriages, involving contracts of matrimony that could be almost as short as one-night stands. Women of Al Qaeda
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  • If my husband Buffoon his affectionate nickname for me is dingbat, which is much better than "Schmoopie" had a one-night stand, I would definitely want him to tell me about it. Pat Gallagher: Post-50 One-Night Stands: Don't Try This at Home!
  • At home in business class: George Clooney, a corporate downsizer who travels to offices to lay workers off, has a one-night stand with a fellow traveler played by Vera Farmiga, but it doesn't end there. Timely 'Up in the Air' rises to challenge with humor, heart
  • Desperately sexually frustrated and determined to get a man, any man, she has been continually turned down or ditched after a one-night stand.
  • Fundamental principle of marriage is faithful, change wife have violate faithful principle, like one-night standing, extramarital love, it is profanatory to a kind of marriage.
  • While 49 percent of men chose to look at a woman's face for a one-night stand, 75 percent opted to view her face for a long-term relationship.
  • I am not guiltless in this regard, and like most other men, I have at one time or another shared the details of a one-night stand with my buddies.
  • So, in a sense, a playgoer signs up with Albee for a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand. Edward Albee Festival starts at Arena Stage
  • So I actually do get the point of not telling your spouse if you've had a one-night stand to avoid a bear trap being affixed to someone's pee-pee, but I don't get why Buffoon would even want to dally with another woman in the first place given the fact that my uncle on my mother's side was a trapper. Pat Gallagher: Post-50 One-Night Stands: Don't Try This at Home!
  • Women seeking a one-night stand might consider wearing a push-up bra and high heels to a bar, but those searching for a spouse might want to focus on applying eyeliner and lipstick.
  • She was everything to him, and now, his life of quickies and one-night stands with babes seems empty.
  • he ran through a series of loveless one-night stands
  • The event was a history-making rouser but proved to be virtually a one-night stand, since the unit folded within weeks.
  • ‘These recipes have been tested on two husbands, five live-ins, 25 boyfriends and an undisclosed number of one-night stands,’ she said, laughing.
  • But he lived the unconventional and bohemian lifestyle of the professional jazzmen, playing one-night stands up and down the country. Times, Sunday Times
  • In the 1930s, when the de Basil company first began touring the States, it brought ballet to thousands of Americans with frequent whistle-stops - one-night stands in small towns.
  • Talking to the Evening Standard, Sally Bercow, 40, admitted drinking to excess most evenings, engaging in one-night stands and being "stroppy". The Latest From

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