How To Use Odessa In A Sentence

  • After eating his usual copious breakfast, he had imprudently asked the waiter for a Russian paper; and, as he read, and sipped his kummel, which he found a little insipid and almost made him regret the vodka of his native land, his eyes fell upon a letter from Odessa, in which there was a detailed description of the execution of three nihilists, two of them gentlemen. The French Immortals Series — Complete
  • If you would like to gash appartments in Odessa, but your bouget is predetermined we also purpose be glad to pirate you in search. Article directories Celibataire Urbaine
  • Janet, I read and greatly enjoyed Moonlight in Odessa two or three months ago and recommended it to my book club. Romancier - French Word-A-Day
  • Born in Luba, Volhynia, in the Ukraine, he sang in cantorial choirs in that region and then in Odessa, where he worked with many great hazzanim.
  • The next morning, Elizabeth left for the market directly after breakfast as Odessa had ordered.
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  • Reefer container from any port in china to odessa offer the lowest price.
  • Soren Alberto Gauger, now living in Krakow, Poland, writes an off-centre, twisting narrative, sparkled with elaborate prose in "The Unusual Narrative of the Odessa Conference."
  • Born in the busy Russian port of Odessa on the Black Sea in 1894, Babel grew up in a shtetl, a Jewish village.
  • On that note, I have to mention that I am REALLY pissed off by the graff on trees I have seen recently in my current city, Odessa, Ukraine. REVERSE GRAFFITI: Clean Green Street Art | Inhabitat
  • Returning to Odessa, Mechnikov visited Vienna on the way and explained his ideas to Claus, Professor of Zoology there and it was Claus who suggested the term phagocyte for the mobile cells which act in this way. Ilya Mechnikov - Biography
  • In October he was seized with what he called Moldavian fever, a disease which came, he said, from the swamps of the Danube, and ravaged the Odessa district and the steppes; and again he became dangerously ill. Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings
  • He was born in Moscow, the son of a prosperous tea merchant, and grew up in Odessa.
  • ODESSA - Several years ago, Odessa truck driver Chris Andersen was somewhere in the Midwest, eastbound in a make-do truck when he looked in his rearview mirror and saw a familiar sight - Chronicle
  • The liberals, on the other hand, without repudiating classicism, which is a sort of a foster-brother to liberalism, since both trace their origin to the Renaissance, still favored ODESSA: MY FAMILY AND MY SCHOOL the realschule. My Life
  • These dreams took shape in the foundation of a secret society -- the 'Philikì Hetairía' or 'League of Friends' -- which established itself at Odessa in 1814 with the connivence of the Russian police, and opened a campaign of propaganda in anticipation of an opportunity to strike. The Balkans A History of Bulgaria—Serbia—Greece—Rumania—Turkey
  • I have a friend in Odessa and I'm pretty sure he recommended it to me as a place to eat. Sour cream chicken enchiladas recipe | Homesick Texan
  • The word saunter, like many others, can't be traced back very far (AHD: Probably from Middle English santren, to muse), but of course that doesn't stop people from trying, and this word has a particularly enjoyable pseudo-etymology, discussed in the following typically piquant passage from one of the stories in Kim Stanley Robinson's The Martians (a book I recommend to anyone who likes thoughtful, human-oriented science fiction):Long walks around Odessa at the end of the day. SAUNTER.
  • The sailors lay him in state on the dock at Odessa, and the workers file out in their hundreds to pay their respects.
  • ODESSA (August 7, 2009) -- Erin Knox was dominant in the circle, firing a two-hitter, as the Lakeview junior league softball all-stars picked up a 9-5 victory over New Mexico in the opening game of the Southwest Regional tournament in Odessa. KWTX - HomePage - Headlines
  • The tranquil voice of her aunt calmed Elizabeth and she forgot all about her troubles with Odessa and Marilee.
  • Where I come fromOdessa,Ukraine these trees are called acacia trees and they fill the wholy city with their head spinning aroma in June. Tree of Mystery
  • Odessa fell first, I think, owing to the commander there being what we commonly call a "rotter"; he seemed to be of no use, and Odessa was taken by the Bolshevists. The Situation in Russia
  • At around eight o'clock, Odessa and Marilee still hadn't returned home, and Elizabeth heard a knock at the door.
  • At around eight o'clock, Odessa and Marilee still hadn't returned home, and Elizabeth heard a knock at the door.
  • Patricia Hayes Franklin, who died yesterday in Odessa, Texas, like so many of us first came to Mexico on a whim ... as a college girl in 1953, visiting her sister in Del Rio and crossing into Ciudad Acuña to watch a bull fight. Model expat, matadora Patricia Hayes, dies at 78
  • Newly produced tractor - turned - tanks were renamed as NI tanks or Odessa tanks.
  • Reefer container from any port in china to odessa, we can offer the lowest price.
  • Jumburrito, like many places in Odessa, is closed on Sunday evenings. In search of West Texas asado | Homesick Texan
  • Nora and Olga had met on a boatload of refugees from Odessa crossing the Atlantic to North America. THREE KINDS OF KISSING - SCOTTISH SHORT STORIES
  • I'm on a first-name basis with the postman," confesses Thompson, 27, a college student and mother of two boys in Odessa, Texas. Sign of the times: Going swapping, not shopping
  • Nora and Olga had met on a boatload of refugees from Odessa crossing the Atlantic to North America. THREE KINDS OF KISSING - SCOTTISH SHORT STORIES
  • Being a Texan living in Odessa, I just absolutely loved seeing this entry of yours. Greetings from Texas! | Homesick Texan
  • To celebrate the launch of One Wild Life, Clare Mulvaney's book which tells the amazing stories of social entrepreneurs, a launch party is being held on Friday 17th April, 8pm in Odessa Club, Dublin 2. April 2009
  • Odessa are well on the way to completing their eagerly awaited debut album, which is due out early May.
  • Odessa is a vivid comic story, epic in its scale and imagination. Times, Sunday Times

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