[ US /əˈkəɫt/ ]
[ UK /əkˈʌlt/ ]
  1. supernatural practices and techniques
    he is a student of the occult
  2. supernatural forces and events and beings collectively
    She doesn't believe in the supernatural
  1. hidden and difficult to see
    occult blood in the stool
    an occult fracture
  2. having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding
    the mystical style of Blake
    occult lore
    the secret learning of the ancients
    mysterious symbols
  1. hide from view
    The lids were occulting her eyes
  2. cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention
    The Sun eclipses the moon today
    Planets and stars often are occulted by other celestial bodies
  3. become concealed or hidden from view or have its light extinguished
    The beam of light occults every so often
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How To Use occult In A Sentence

  • One man's ‘most respected occult books around’ are another man's old hat ripe for a kicking.
  • It is Faur's contention that the Kabbalist rabbis, seen through the filter of the vertical model, transform the Talmudic tradition -- based on a pluralistic dialogue and formal legal strictures -- into an occult hermeticism creating a Judaism that is sealed off from critical reading and rational science. David Shasha: Two Models of Jewish Tradition: Vertical-Hierarchical and Horizontal Pluralist
  • A five-pointed star, the pentagram or pentacle, sometimes has magical and occult associations.
  • The rest threw themselves on the man with sourball and were for tearing off his outer garments and forcing on his sweater, but Lyman by some occult means of his own got the boy aside. Stanford Stories Tales of a Young University
  • Randi had for decades used his insider's knowledge of the flim-flam trade to humiliate a generation of occultists.
  • I had a grandmother involved in the occult practice of Kabala and that was very dangerous.
  • In 1776 Cagliostro and his wife were in London, where "Cagliostro" became a Freemason, joining a lodge connected with "The Order of Strict Observance," a secret society incorporated with Freemasonry, and which (on the Continent, at least) was concerned largely with occult subjects. Alchemy: Ancient and Modern
  • The presence of occult blood in the stool may be a sign of neoplasms or esophagitis.
  • Stones and colored objects are chosen for their occult and astrological meanings corresponding to the purpose for which the gris-gris is to be used.
  • Fever may be a marker of sepsis, localized infection, occult bacteremia, or benign illness.
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