How To Use O.k. In A Sentence

  • Well Ethen you will be surprised O.K. to hear I & the wife took a little trip down to Boston last wk. to a T. party & I guess you are thinking we will be getting the swelt hed over being ast to a T. party. A Parody Outline of History
  • I'll call the booker right away and say, 'Do me a favor, have this guy lead off next time, O.K.?' NYT > Home Page
  • No, it did not turn out O.K. Millions of people who have never been exposed to the excellent Asimov tales now think that piece of screen dreck is what the Good Doctor wrote. I, Foundation
  • The inspector chalked O.K. on my baggage.
  • As far as the beating that the police gave Chasse, and the hog-tying and the neglect of his many broken ribs and bleeding from the mouth, that was all o.k. -- within bureau policy, you know. Jack Bog's Blog: September 2009 Archives
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  • The court decided that the whistle-blowing was O.K. because it potentially saved lives, but the testimony crossed the line.
  • O.K., her hair was long and she wore huaraches, bought bead earrings and Navajo bracelets, and liked embroidered Indian blouses and full skirts covered with stars or flowers.
  • Yes, what she'd proposed was verboten; but as long as none of us said anything, it would be O.K.
  • O.K. I'll sign off. We'll talk at the beginning of the week.
  • | Reply | Permalink o.k., one more time ... there are pledged delegates (what you call elected delegates) and there are unpledged delegates (aka superdelegates) ... SurveyUSA: Hillary And Obama Win Electoral College In Distinct Ways
  • All O.K., the wood inside all O.K., only the jute was a little bit destroyed and the leather I must sew again. NYT > Home Page
  • People in the privileged classes can sniff at bourgeois values and still turn out O.K. because they eventually grow up.
  • Would you be O.K. with treating them as on a par with my wholly civil marriage, performed by a Justice of the Peace in a restaurant? Solutions for Homosexual Christians
  • I'd like to be alone, O.K?" — "Sure. O.K.".
  • Over the next hundred years, ok went global thanks to its use by stars in popular films and radio shows; by U.S. Air Force pilots and military troops; by worshipped astronauts on TV; and, of course, in technology, with o.k. being a favorite global label for digitalized options on such everyday items as ATMs, cell phones, portable and stationary credit card machines, and computer operating systems. The English Is Coming!
  • O.K. I'll sign off. We'll talk at the beginning of the week.
  • O.K., one espresso ’, Keagan droned, shuffling over to the cappuccino machine.
  • The legendary shootout at the O.K. Corral is perhaps the best-known gun battle in the highly publicized and cinematized history of the Wild West.
  • Teenagers saving the world spiel is seen all too often, but O.K., Archive 2008-05-01
  • O.K., so the Bluegrass State is the cradle and / or grave of Bulldog basketball coaches. Dawg Sports
  • Big Butch Brewster, to whom the billet-doux was addressed in T. Haviland Hicks, Jr.'s, familiar scrawl, tore open the envelope, and while the squad listened, he read aloud the message left by that sunny-souled youth; "DEAR BUTCH: "Coach Corridan will have to use the alarm clock from now on! I'm called away on business. See that my stuff gets to Bannister O.K. Stow it in the room next to yours. I'll be back at college some time in the next century. Give my adieux to Coach Corridan and the squad. T. Haviland Hicks Senior
  • Monday, Apr. 17, 2006 @ 6: 20 p.m. O.K. I've tried to remain calm everytime I've voiced this out loud, but I have, without exception, completely queened out everytime I've told anyone about the upcoming event. Madrigle Diary Entry
  • they gave us the O.K. to go ahead
  • O.K. try to use "lrelease $$language; \" with NO option (neither - compress nor - nocompress) in the language Makefile and it will probably work. Content
  • Aside from the standard deathmatch modes, players will beable to re-enact famous old west shootouts like the one that took place at the O.K. Corral or play mission based multiplayer games such as one in which one team attempts to rob a bank while the other defends it.! » The Tsuj’s Game+Watch: First Week Of July 2009! A Look At This Week’s Notable Video Game Releases!
  • Anonymous said ... no it's o.k. everybody he lives in kool-aide happy bama land (a place also know as assholeea) also know as the untied states of america, so we're o.k.. White House Beer Summit Over Gates, Cambridge Police, Obama, Biden, Racial Profiling, Law Enforcement | Obama Hopes to Undo Stupidly Attention
  • O.K., France has detailed one officer to help train the Iraqi police.
  • Anyone from the mainland U.S. who has spent enough time in Hawaii often gets the message, "O.K. haole, come here, spend your money and then go home."
  • If you think it's o.k. to throw bombs at people who use laboratory rats to test cancer cures, why aren't you out there throwing bombs at those cruel, "speciesist" lions too? CapeCodToday Blog Chowder
  • He was seen to wave that he was O.K. to one of the other aircraft.
  • O.K., if it was very familiar sex with a very familiar partner, the kind that--truth be told--you probably have most of the time, your mind may have wandered off to such decidedly nonerotic matters as balancing your checkbook or planning your week. Top Stories
  • O.K. I'll sign off. We'll talk at the beginning of the week.
  • Some discovered OK through direct contact with the United States, as when a seaman laying a transatlantic cable in 1869 reported from his ship, “Tout est O.K. à bord” or “All is O.K. on board,” the first attested use of O.K. in French. The English Is Coming!
  • “Der's an old gazabo here,” said the bouncer to me one day, “and he's got de angel goods on him O.K.From the Bottom Up
  • O.K., let's cut right there for a second.
  • I've got a very crude sense about the stock market that as long as doubts are being doubted, and warnings are being warned, and clarion calls for getting out are being clarioned, that it's O.K. to stay in. Bend Blogs

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