1. in a satisfactory or adequate manner
    held up all right under pressure
    she'll do okay on her own
  1. an endorsement
    they gave us the O.K. to go ahead
  1. give sanction to
    I approve of his educational policies
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How To Use O.K. In A Sentence

  • Well Ethen you will be surprised O.K. to hear I & the wife took a little trip down to Boston last wk. to a T. party & I guess you are thinking we will be getting the swelt hed over being ast to a T. party. A Parody Outline of History
  • I'll call the booker right away and say, 'Do me a favor, have this guy lead off next time, O.K.?' NYT > Home Page
  • No, it did not turn out O.K. Millions of people who have never been exposed to the excellent Asimov tales now think that piece of screen dreck is what the Good Doctor wrote. I, Foundation
  • The inspector chalked O.K. on my baggage.
  • As far as the beating that the police gave Chasse, and the hog-tying and the neglect of his many broken ribs and bleeding from the mouth, that was all o.k. -- within bureau policy, you know. Jack Bog's Blog: September 2009 Archives
  • The court decided that the whistle-blowing was O.K. because it potentially saved lives, but the testimony crossed the line.
  • O.K., her hair was long and she wore huaraches, bought bead earrings and Navajo bracelets, and liked embroidered Indian blouses and full skirts covered with stars or flowers.
  • Yes, what she'd proposed was verboten; but as long as none of us said anything, it would be O.K.
  • O.K. I'll sign off. We'll talk at the beginning of the week.
  • | Reply | Permalink o.k., one more time ... there are pledged delegates (what you call elected delegates) and there are unpledged delegates (aka superdelegates) ... SurveyUSA: Hillary And Obama Win Electoral College In Distinct Ways
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