[ UK /nˈɔːmətˌɪv/ ]
[ US /ˈnɔɹmətɪv/ ]
  1. pertaining to giving directives or rules
    prescriptive grammar is concerned with norms of or rules for correct usage
  2. relating to or dealing with norms
    normative discipline
    normative samples
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How To Use normative In A Sentence

  • When women give up their souls to the ultimate colonization known as heteronormative existence, they lose their shot at greatness. Women's Space
  • No matter how interesting normative questions can be, we will stay away from them because our models offer no help in answering these questions. Microeconomics: Price Theory in Practice
  • Individuals are expected to act on behalf of the collective whole, and the corporate body is expected to act in the normative interests of its members.
  • He is talking about the specific example of gay identity in relation to the heteronormative structures of power.
  • “Jill, someone who is cisgendered has an interpersonal sense or understanding of their gender and genitals that match or correspond (or what some might argue a “normative” state).” Third-Gendering « Bound, Not Gagged
  • Of course, the mystery for people looking for Kantian normative bindingness is how autonomous motivation would look any different. The Starry Heavens Above and the Moral Law Within (the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex)
  • To create a canon of sacred writings is to create a collection which will be in some sense normative for the community for which it is intended.
  • The answers given to normative questions are subjective opinions. Microeconomics: Price Theory in Practice
  • To the ACLU's secular Jewish policy-makers, Christianity is a tool of majority opression of "victimized minorities" which has to be warred on along with other high agenda bugaboos like firearms ownership, bigots who won't let courts impose gay marriage, and "heteronormative" institutions like the Boy Scouts. Protesting minarets.
  • ˜God is good to us™ understanding of God's goodness is ruled out on this approach: for the notion of ˜good to us™ is a normative notion. Theological Voluntarism
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