[ US /nuˈtɹæɫəti/ ]
[ UK /njuːtɹˈælɪti/ ]
  1. pH value of 7
  2. tolerance attributable to a lack of involvement
  3. nonparticipation in a dispute or war
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How To Use neutrality In A Sentence

  • Doing so would nullify one's neutrality so to speak.
  • The UN at the moment is still trying to maintain the charade of neutrality.
  • This continued until war broke out and when war broke out, General Hertzog, again with his strong feeling of South Africanism, said, "While we do not wish to be disassociated from the British Empire, while we are willing to remain with the British Empire on the same footing as heretofore, we do not see why we should declare war now, why we should not maintain neutrality and the status quo, even though Great Britain go into war. Racial Relations in the Union of South Africa
  • During war, the right of postliminy can only be claimed in the tribunals of the belligerent powers, and not in the courts of neutrals; for by a general law of nations, neutrals have no right to enquire into any captures, except such as are an infringement of their own neutrality. [ The Laws Of War, Affecting Commerce And Shipping
  • The extract inclosed, which is taken from an official publication of the Belgian Government, and the extract from an official statement by the Belgian Minister of War, prove that the Belgian Government had never connived, or been willing to connive, at the breach of the treaty that made the maintenance of Belgian neutrality an international obligation. The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol. 1, January 9, 1915 What Americans Say to Europe
  • There can be no neutrality between justice and cruelty, between the innocent and the guilty.
  • alternative possibilities were neutrality or war
  • His main view was to keep our people in peace; he apologized for the use of the term neutrality in his answers, and justified it, by having submitted the first of them (that to the merchants, wherein it was used) to our consideration, and we had not objected to the term. The Anas
  • European Powers is exhausted on Poland, and that neither pity nor shame will induce them to break a thankless neutrality, here; but in the face of all barely probable contingencies, I doubt no more of the ultimate result, than I doubt of the ultimate performance of the justice of God. Border and Bastille
  • At that moment, his was a saint's blithesome face, loose and half a-smile with the generosity of his gift and with a becoming neutrality toward his own abilities, as if he had long since cheerfully submitted to knowing that however well he rendered a piece, he could always imagine doing better. Cold Mountain
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