How To Use Neutralisation In A Sentence

  • Another, more controversial form of treatment, is neutralization therapy.
  • But they regarded the simple wartime orientation of the neutralisation regime as insufficient in the post-Second-World-War era.
  • Lors de la neutralisation d'un dispositif électronique d'un radar de l'Otan en Grèce, un homme est tué. AvaxHome
  • An industrial mixing wastewater from an economic developmental area was treated by ferrum aeration and neutralization flocculation process.
  • After cooling to room temperature, sodium carbonate is added to affect neutralization and to precipitate the crude diacetylmorphine (heroin).
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  • In carbonate-rich soils, rapid neutralization of rainwater by carbonate minerals restricts the mobilization of aluminosilicates and oxides.
  • Identification of botulinum toxin is completed using a mouse neutralization bioassay.
  • The glycerin (another name of for glycerol) is removed from the system, and soap is isolated by using centrifugation and neutralization processes.
  • The samples of 426 swine sera derived from 24 pig farms were detected for the neutralizing antibodies against swine pseudorabies Virus by micro neutralization test.
  • Maberly and I reported results in inpatients with asthma and are doing an outpatient double blind randomised trial of neutralisation.
  • the neutralization of Belgium
  • It had become a laboratory standard or reference strain for raising antibodies and for challenge in virus neutralization test to detect and assay antibody in serum.
  • The archipelago of real times presented to us by the temporal Umwelt does not tend towards the zero of neutralization, of reciprocal dampening, but rather towards explosion and diffusion.
  • The complement system plays an important role in a host's defence mechanisms, such as in immune bacteriolysis, neutralization of viruses, immune adherence, immunoconglutination and in enhancement of phagocytosis.
  • The previous bipolar world order, based on mutual deterrence between the two superpowers, engendered a sort of mutual neutralisation.
  • Rabaul was crossed off the list of invasion targets; its neutralization by air was to be completed by May 1944, followed by MacArthur's westward advance towards the Vogelkop peninsula of New Guinea.
  • Neutralization is a chemical reaction in which a base reacts with an acid to create water and a salt.
  • In the case of a recognised accident, the rider shall be entitled to a neutralisation during the number of laps closest to 1300 metres.
  • In the alkaline micro-environment at the interface partial neutralisation of the film could occur resulting in a ‘leaky’ coat and thus allowing acid to penetrate and effect degradation.
  • Blowdown liquid withdrawn from the recycle acid liquor, may be recycled to the incinerator or further treated by neutralization, precipitation, and filtration of the precipitated toxic metals.
  • In every totalitarian government, secret police were an indispensable device for the consolidation of power, neutralization of the opposition, and construction of a single-party state.
  • The glycerin (another name of for glycerol) is removed from the system, and soap is isolated by using centrifugation and neutralization processes.
  • The resulting charge neutralization counteracts the normal repulsion of the negatively charged phosphate backbone and allows a considerable narrowing of the DNA grooves on the inside.
  • Reaction mechanism, equipment and effects of acid waste water treatment by neutralization and biology filter pond in chlor-alkali production process.
  • Should a mechanical mishap occur and be recognised as valid by the commissaires, the team shall be entitled to a 1.5 km neutralisation (number of laps closest to 1.5 km).
  • The hydrogen ion causes coagulation of surface tissue, which eventually appears as a grayish white area surrounded by erythema. 16 Fluoride ions freely penetrate the skin and continue into deeper tissues, causing cellular death and liquifaction necrosis of soft tissue. 22,15 Neutralization of fluoride ions occurs when fluoride complexes with calcium and other divalent cations in the tissues, forming an insoluble salt. Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Soon chemists became more interested in studying the properties of acids and bases and the neutralization reaction between the two substances.
  • To exclude the possibility that the biphasic binding is caused by decelerated binding due to complete charge neutralization, we measured binding directly.
  • The important principles around which practically all quantitative methods may be grouped are: Neutralization, solubility-product, oxidation-reduction, colorimetry, and evolution and measurement of gases. The University of Virginia Record
  • In word-final position, it has been noted that there is a tendency of neutralization of stop contrasts, favouring aspiration a.k.a. "fortis". Archive 2008-01-01
  • So that depending upon the level of sophistication of the Libyan air defense, it will necessitate some type of minimization or neutralization of those defenses. Questions Remain Concerning No-Fly Zone Over Libya
  • Polyelectrolytes having complete charge neutralization, like uncharged polymers in poor solvents, can collapse to toroids, rods, or spherical globules.
  • The preparation process consists of pretreatment, acid hydrolysis , neutralization, decoloration and concentration.

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