1. large semi-evergreen tree of the East Indies; trunk exudes a tenacious gum; bitter bark used as a tonic; seeds yield an aromatic oil; sometimes placed in genus Melia
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How To Use neem In A Sentence

  • Enforcement activities will significantly increase the demand for effective, selective pesticides with low toxicity and low persistence, such as neem-based pesticides, which are suitable for organic farming and also for IPM concepts. 5. Summary and Outlook
  • From numerous field trials (notably on various moths), it appears that larvae of most lepidopterous pests are highly sensitive to neem. 5 Effects on Insects
  • In two months, AONTL will begin selling briefs and socks treated with neem, tulsi and sericin. Hindustan Times News Feeds 'Views'
  • July 6, 2009 at 7:26 am u cahnt hardlee eben tell teh blushy faice iz blushin aneemoar *powts* I haz a mad. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • April 25, 2010 at 3:53 am anni, hoo roted taht? hii dids pomes on a lawt ob anneemuls KRAKEN - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Foliar sprays of Neemros® of 10 - 50 g per litre of water controlled dipteran leaf miners Lyriomyza spp. on tomato in field experiments (Pacho, in preparation). 4. Case studies of small-scale semi-industrial neem processing in Kenya, Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua
  • Neem oil shows a strong ovicidal effect in bean-seed beetles (bruchids), but its sterilizing and other influences may also be important in controlling these pests, which constitute a major problem when storing beans of many types 5 Effects on Insects
  • It must not, however, be supposed that the Natives neglect their teeth; they are the most particular people living in this respect, as they never eat or drink without washing their mouths before and after meals; and as a substitute for our tooth-brush, they make a new one every day from the tender branch of a tree or shrub, -- as the pomegranate, the neem, [16] babool, [17] &c. Observations on the Mussulmauns of India Descriptive of Their Manners, Customs, Habits and Religious Opinions Made During a Twelve Years' Residence in Their Immediate Society
  • Examples of such biopiracy include patents on neem, turmeric, ginger, pepper, and basmati, to name just a few.
  • One reason for some disappointment lies in the fact that "neem" does not always mean the same thing. 1. Introduction
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