How To Use Namer In A Sentence

  • Would you call the bellowing disruptors Unamerican? Printing: Double Standards and Disingenuosity On Bellowing Townhall Disruptors
  • the owner is usually the namer of a boat
  • C'mon JF lol acura ZDX* not the RDX and instead of the lambo u guys should have put that ugly pos porsche panamera super ugly. even better the panamera v6. i hate it hen car companies just think of the money and not the car posted 4 days ago by Carinfo360. com Fast Lane Daily - Auto News. Fast Cars. Fast and Fresh. Every day.
  • He was a great nicknamer, he gave people nicknames. Yahoo! Sports - Top News
  • The “Cult of Ignorance” is alive and well, aided and abetted by the corrupt MSM that refuses to expose the unAmerican neo-fascist rats that continue to crawl from the sewers of the Republican Party for what they are and the danger they represent to everything this country has pretended to represent for the last 150 years. Think Progress » Using Double Standard, Conservatives Absolve Bush For ‘Domestic Attacks’ On His Watch
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  • More than three hundred teenage MexicanAmericans were arrested in the ensuing police dragnet.
  • In other respects, the Panamera 4 is very like a Porsche: the stiffness and solidity of the chassis, like a bathysphere hatch; the high-speed data stream from the front wheels to the steering wheel; the ineffable sense of leverage against the road. Deciding the Case of Panamera v. Porsche Purists
  • He was a keen birdwatcher and namer of plants. Times, Sunday Times
  • Frankel, a business writer and former brand "namer" himself, offers an enlightening, engaging and entertaining glimpse behind the scenes of the brand-naming business. QUICK READ
  • I was born anAmerican; I live an American; I shall die an American. 
  • I see a pattern, that not fair and balance more like unbalance, influnce. .killing, buggings, unamerican action, gun totting, calling the President name in front of the rest of the world go figure, i spent 21 years in the military for freedom of speech, and this is how they repay me and all service members Think Progress » Fox News Devastated Over Arrest Of ACORN Pimp, Says The Story Probably Needs ‘A Lot Of Context’
  • Under the name namer, which means "spotted," it is not improbable that another animal, namely the cheetah Smith's Bible Dictionary
  • It played Guantanamera and had plastic awningsseparating us from the road, but served the most delicious fried courgettes, pork souvlaki and local Robola white wine (no need for retsina here: Kefalonia produces Greece's best wine, a legacy of the Venetians). Empty beaches and great deals in Greece
  • A namer takes on a heavy burden, as any new parent could report.
  • The greatest threat to America remains those amongst us who are seemingly to stupid to think beyond the ten foot square in front of a television tuned to the MSM that continues to legitimize unAmerican neo-fascist rats like J.D. Hayworth that crawl from the sewers of the Republican Party. Think Progress » AZ Sen. candidate Hayworth panders to birthers: ‘We all had to show our birth certificates’ to ‘play football.’
  • Even sadder is the fact that these people allow theirselves to be so manipulated into their unAmerican behavior. Barney Frank goes toe to toe at health care town hall
  • At one time the Republican party stood for everything that most Americans value, maybe that was before you were born, it’s really sad your too closed minded to understand that what you espouse is unAmerican. Think Progress » Coulter on 9/11 Widows: ‘I Have Never Seen People Enjoying their Husbands’ Death So Much’
  • Hoop dat het bij de Fransen een stuk aangenamer is, dan probeer ik het er hier maar het beste van te maken, op een terrasje met een biertje of cappucino in een klein Gelders stadje. Een leven, een liefde, een weblog
  • I was born anAmerican; I live an American; I shall die an American. 
  • Have you donated to my (insert namer or party) campaign? Cap and Trade= Carbon Tax + Corporate Welfare part 1 million and five
  • DiaryLand contact random entry other diaries: goexplore shutupmom mistyrain johnjohnjohn hatinghate shoplift aquietboy stevo thisisjohn un-bad superlemon unamerican mylostdream heartshaped fakeitsoreal igotworms cunt-feel -
  • I was born anAmerican; I live an American; I shall die an American. 
  • Inside the White House, “Smitty” poses for a portrait with the nicknamer in chief. C. Brian Smith on dining with Dubya
  • In our first example, we assume that device_namer outputs a number of parts, each one to form a symbolic link (alternative name) for the device in question.
  • And you, Jeb Bush, are a the scion of a family of fascists who believe - quite unAmericanly - that our representative government exists primarily to stay out of your elitist control and private amassment of wealth. Jeb Bush: 'I don't know' if Obama is a socialist
  • AA: I'm a namer, like in general, and people come to me when they have babies, new businesses, books, or products, that's my thing. Mike Ragogna: HuffPost Reviews : Beyonce, Rihanna, Buddy Holly, The Doors, Susan Boyle, and More
  • I was born anAmerican; I live an American; I shall die an American. 
  • Of course the utilitarians have laid the foundations of such a science, with the result that the nicknamer of genius called this branch of science "pig philosophy," making just the same blunder as when he called political economy "dismal science. Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley — Volume 3
  • I was born anAmerican; I live an American; I shall die an American. 
  • One of the main disadvantages of the Israeli Namera, we are told, is the cost – at a cool $750,000 each. Dying of ignorance
  • Like Lochlanna, it derived from Anglic, whereas the Namericans had always spoken Is-panyo. Do you ever read writing?
  • I see others have to back down for so much less then his unAmerican acts ...... he can't tell me that he never cheered like everyone else in that church when the tipical white was bein 'torn down by any speaker in that took charge with the mic. nannie bouroughs, Kenosha, WI Obama resigns from controversial church
  • But since we're only interested in celebs, here's where a few of our favorite bold-namers landed: Oprah, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres make Forbes 'most powerful women' list
  • Our commander in chief is also famously our nicknamer in chief, but what he should be famous for is giving lousy nicknames. The Nickname Has Gone to Hell
  • I was born anAmerican; I live an American; I shall die an American. 
  • T. Golan Stockholm, SwedenAmerica needs to invest in long-term counterterrorist measures like cultural understanding. Mail Call
  • November 14th, 2009 12: 59 pm ET burning someone in effigy is unamerican. Tea Party organizer vows to burn Pelosi and Perriello in effigy
  • The anchor bottler is Coca-Cola Femsa (KOF), followed by Panamerican Beverages, Grupo Continental, Embotelladoras Argos and several smaller family-run firms. Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - July 2001
  • I disrespectfully beg to differ with your unAmerican belief in bootlicking. Bush Slanders Freedom « Blog
  • We take a young chancer, a ducker, a diver, to dinner, to a smart restaurant where Guantanamera stalks every table.
  • Granted, inbound logistics might take a while to arrange a portable cool room but a little bit goes a long way - They can dilute it with cow lungs, grains and other shite until the cows come home and still call it “namer” … these puppies could be worth a few grand. Cheeseburger Gothic » Sweet jeebus, lookit this mess!
  • We were in the doghouse … but now, there are no excuses," says Mr. Wintrob, president and chief executive of life insurer SunAmerica Financial Group, which now generates roughly half the core earnings of the slimmed-down AIG. At AIG, Focus Returns to Selling Insurance
  • pre-emptive criticisms of posthegemony (and many thanks to "a latinamericanist"), here's another of those shallow swipes, from one of Abril Trigo's introductory overviews in Deconstructionists stretched subaltern studies 'central concept of subalternity, based upon the irrepresentability of the subaltern, inasmuch as she or he is always exterior to any hegemonic formation, to its very limits, and rejected any form of strategic suture as a mere disabling of the subaltern absolute epistemological negativity. Posthegemony
  • As an end-of-alphabet last-namer and start-of-alphabet first-namer, I (at least) perceived a tendency for a certain period of my life for lines to be organized alphabetically by last name and reverse-alphabetically by first name. Matthew Yglesias » Alphabetism
  • Mr. Namer said that 'Runaway Sweetheart' has no connection to his company's remake but declined to specify his version's cast, premiere date or other details.
  • Q: Literature on psychology of naming — the importance to the namer, the parent who gets to bestow the name. Archive 2009-08-01

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