[ US /ˈmɔˌɹeɪz, ˈmɔˌɹiz/ ]
[ UK /mˈɔːz/ ]
  1. (sociology) the conventions that embody the fundamental values of a group
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How To Use mores In A Sentence

  • Among the 68 trees to be cut are American elms, sycamores, tulip poplars, a couple of Yoshino cherries, a dogwood, and one cucumber magnolia.
  • = Merkel proposed MORES, citing Virgil _G_ I 50-52 'at prius ignotum ferro quam scindimus aequor,/uentos et uarium caeli praediscere _morem_/cura sit' and Statius _Sil_ III ii 87 'quos tibi currenti praeceps gerat Hadria _mores_'. The Last Poems of Ovid
  • Other highlights include documenting great white pines, American sycamores, tulip trees, eastern cottonwoods, eastern hemlock, and other species.
  • Et tamen, dum hi simulant pietatem, licet ex Ecclesia non sint, numerantur tamen in Ecclesia: sicuti proditores in republica, priusquam detegantur, numerantur et ipsi inter cives, et quemadmodum lolium vel zizania et palea inveniuntur in tritico, ant sicut strumae et tumores inveniuntur in integro corpore, cum revera morbi et deformitates sint verius corporis, quam membra vera. The Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches.
  • Spontaneous, full of life, and unbound by the conventional mores and laws of society, Carmen embodies the heroic defiance of free spirit, desire, and natural instinct over the social rules governing modernity.
  • The Gilmores knew that dreams have to be actualized by hard work and diligence.
  • Bciltimores in poflTtrflion of their revenues, but depriv* A philosophical and political history of the British settlements and trade in North America ...
  • Mansfield†™ s lecture is a reading from the first chapter of his book, which argues that manliness†"what he defines as sexual rapacity, an appetite for war, a general bull-in-a-china-shop heedlessnessâ€" is preferable to the namby-pamby faggotistical mores being pressed on us by radical feminism and the castratory mandates of late capitalism / twenty-first-century bureaucratic culture. Harper's Magazine
  • He said a consulting engineer will be talking to Kildare County Council with regard to traffic manoeuvres in the area and it would be premature to put in traffic calming on the Sycamores Road.
  • I *think* "moreso" has a sense of "more importantly," at least as my students use it: Macbeth's ambition is more important than the witches' prophecy in determining his actions. Ferule & Fescue
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