How To Use Monopolistic In A Sentence

  • The company wants to maintain its monopolistic position.
  • In The Economic Way of Thinking, for example, the ambiguity associated with the term monopoly is explored --- if you define the relevant market broadly enough no monopoly is evident, but if your definition is narrow then every good will exhibit monopolistic characteristics. Responding to Claims of Market Failure - The Austrian Economists
  • This, of course, is the essence of what economists call monopolistic competition. The Rule of Three
  • In fact, Amazon was the one who was trying to use their market dominance as a tool to set prices, which is what we call monopolistic behavior. Slashdot
  • Price transparency exposes monopolistic or isolated markets to competition.
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  • (Points: 4) perfectively competitive monopolistically competitive oligopolistic monopolistic Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  • Monopolistic deflationary pressure can unbalance market forces in exactly the same way that state price fixing can. Tax Cuts for the Rich, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • However, their best restraint is NOT government, but other selfish, monopolistic competitors. The Volokh Conspiracy » Anti-Wal-Mart Astroturf
  • The company is under investigation by the Department of Justice for possible monopolistic business practices.
  • Generally, this right to exclude all others from exploiting the patented product operates to invest the patentee with a monopolistic franchise to make, use, or sell the patented invention.
  • Generally, this right to exclude all others from exploiting the patented product operates to invest the patentee with a monopolistic franchise to make, use, or sell the patented invention.
  • This implies a monopolistic market structure in fertilizer production, which affects the way in which the market operates.
  • Intel executives could see it coming, but as is their fiduciary obligation, they try to stay in monopolistic control on the laptop market for as long as they could. TED: Negroponte Says OLPC Started Netbook Craze; Will Open-Source Its Hardware
  • The market imperfections model offers a varied approach which explains the firm's motives for engaging in international business activities under monopolistic and oligopolistic market structures.
  • Moreover, it is a sordid story of printers feuding, interminable law suits, and monopolistic practices.
  • This unique and monopolistic advantage ensures the favorable position and profit potential of RCCs in rural financial markets.
  • As the authors of the Constitution knew, copyright was created in Great Britain by the Statute of Anne in 1710 for the purpose of curbing the monopolistic practices of the London Stationers 'Company and also, as its title proclaimed, "for the encouragement of learning. Google & the Future of Books
  • Whether or not they also engage in monopolistic pricing is still up for debate (remember that software has extremely low marginal costs). Bundling II, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • It is about the philosophy of the bill - of centralising the control of negotiations back to the State sector, reinforcing the power of monopolistic unions, and the control of the Minister at each and every stage over negotiations.
  • It was a rather interesting problem, regarding whether it was competitive or monopolistic to craft a certain rule.
  • The fact that the import duty has insulated the domestic market provides domestic producers with the opportunity to build up a monopolistic scheme.
  • But he saw monopolistic distortions largely as epiphenomena resulting from an undue concentration of wealth and power whose ultimate source lay in the ‘great problem’ posed by private land ownership.
  • Does that mean I never, ever, ever engage in monopolistic policies? The Volokh Conspiracy » Ideology and Economic Ignorance
  • The Republicans he seeks to satisfy are ideological goofballs like Iowa's Sen. Chuck Grassley, who wails that a nonprofit public insurance option would offer better deals to consumers than the mingy, exorbitantly expensive health care policies sold by the monopolistic insurance giants. Goofing Up Health Care Reform
  • In essence, competition policy is about encouraging competition among firms and battling monopolistic or oligopolistic practices, or those which privilege national producers over those in other EU member states.
  • Since markets are interconnected and some banks occupy quasi - monopolistic positions, we must consider breaking them up.
  • If the bid succeeds, his control of the newspaper market on the island of Ireland would be close to monopolistic.
  • Software companies in monopolistic houses shouldn’t throw stones! Google-DoubleClick Deal Raising Lots of Questions
  • We have precisely the same structure - a monopolistic, representation body endorsed by statute.
  • Restrictions on these markets allow them to remain monopolistic.
  • We attributed the Great Depression to monopolistic restraints.
  • Everything they will suggest plays right into the hands of the pockets of the medical oligopoly which is lead by the monopolistic AMA. GOP seeks to counter ABC programming
  • Time marches on, companies making money are always working a niche (sometimes a big monopolistic niche), and people doing well are always fighting to keep things the same (aka maximize their profit). Boing Boing
  • A similar group of organized men from the Second Ward objected to the way Jackson, in monopolistic fashion, put his exclusive liberties above the collective good. Advocating The Man: Masculinity, Organized Labor, and the Household in New York, 1800-1840
  • An overemphasis on market protection and monopolistic tendencies ignores that the people involved recognize the competitive nature of the drug business and act accordingly.
  • A company creates a monopoly when it engages in monopolistic behavior. (that is, taking action of some sort to limit competition). The Volokh Conspiracy » Ideology and Economic Ignorance
  • A study by the OECD and Mexico's Federal Competition Commission (CFC) found that 31% of Mexican household spending went on products supplied in monopolistic or highly oligopolistic markets.
  • After World War II, capitalism showed relatively strong capability of self-adjustment, but there has been no change in the essence and inherent contradictions of monopolistic capitalism.
  • The size of the States has also reinforced the monopolistic behaviour of many US telcos and service providers.
  • Because information technology is highly advanced, it is susceptible to monopolistic or oligopolistic control.
  • The reciprocal obligations of aristocratic gift exchange neutralized the monopolistic imperatives of the closed shop.
  • The United States pioneered the large, monopolistic or oligopolistic firm in the late 19th century.
  • Also, he mentioned the difficulties of deciding whether monopolistic or competitive conditions tended to prevail in a given case.
  • He criticized this conclusion on the grounds that the existence of monopolistic conditions was the essential explanation of discriminatory pricing.
  • The development of the liturgy is artificial constrained by monopolistic privilege for a few. The Church's Ritual Texts Must Be Freed
  • Countries followed imprudent policies that favored monopolistic crony capitalists, inflation that magnified poverty and currency overvaluation.
  • Chinese Civil Aviation Transportation Industry ( CATI ) a Monopolistic Industry, its further Deregulation also seems urgent.

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