[ UK /mˌɪlɪtɑːɹˈɪstɪk/ ]
[ US /ˌmɪɫɪtɝˈɪstɪk/ ]
  1. imbued with militarism
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How To Use militaristic In A Sentence

  • As the epigram to this article demonstrates, militaristic language dramatized the contest beyond mere political fortunes.
  • The problem with bringing comic book characters to life is that you have to make them look believable … you had to know that a believable Captain America these days would not be running around with wings sprouting from the sides of his head and would have to look a bit more militaristic. Pink is the New Blog | Everybody's Business Is My Business » Blog Archive » Behold: The New Captain America
  • In contrast to the objects associated with the Pannonic burials attributed to the gens Langobardorum, as well as older Italian evidence, these were remarkable for their militaristic nature.
  • But how can it work under the threat of force from an aggressive militaristic power?
  • Also – China is a mercantilistic, militaristic, nationalist dictatorship, which is not exactly going to pay one iota to the plight of the Western poor or our own unemployment issues needs if the tables get switched. Matthew Yglesias » Unemployment By Education
  • I was confused about whether their approach was intended to be ironic, or satirical, or both, or neither ... it was infused with what I thought were obvious clichés, like ladies looking sexy, inscrutable and dour playing drums in militaristic fashion aside the frontman, who sang throaty german lyrics to pretty hard core industrial rock, accompanied by projected images of male gymnasts and words like Totalitariansme and crosses and things. Sleepless in Slovenia.
  • Ha! another knee to the groin of the dkos and firedog lake peaceniks who imagined that a dem prez would restore the constitution and a digression) so when the die hard rethugs realise that being more militaristic than stepinfetchit just isn't possible they will hunt around for something to discredit the way that oblamblamblam goes about killing unwhite folks. Moon of Alabama
  • The Wari are described as a militaristic state that conquered many groups, built roads to facilitate travel, and managed their far-flung territories through a combination of local lords and heartland bureaucrats living in state built installations. Digging at Peru's Cerro Mejía
  • Returned to St Petersburg, they transformed the lodges into secret societies and plotted to bring constitutional rule to an autocratic, caste-ridden, and militaristic state.
  • Theof Japanese militaristic are the burden of gods!
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