[ US /ˈmaɪˌkɹoʊˈtubjuɫ/ ]
  1. a microscopically small tubule
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How To Use microtubule In A Sentence

  • It predicts that spindle microtubules in animal cells begin to oscillate at the beginning of prometaphase, and that those oscillations rapidly accelerate until metaphase,. Wells vs tiny flies - The Panda's Thumb
  • These studies have led to the findings that bundles of several doublet microtubules can propagate bending waves, and a pair of outer doublets can undergo cyclical association/dissociation interaction.
  • When growth cones encounter guidance cues or asymmetric environments, signaling changes may also affect filopodial motility and distribution or microtubule engorgement to guide subsequent growth cone motility.
  • There are nine paired microtubules per axoneme, and they are interconnected by dynein molecules, protruding at regular intervals like the legs of a millipede.
  • Microtubule drugs are widely used in cancer chemotherapy due to their cytostatic effects.
  • It brings us to another question, whether the neck region of a flagellar axoneme with a basal body could make some mechanical hindrance to microtubules sliding.
  • The cell is then stretched and split into two halves on the framework of microtubules, each half containing a full complement of chromosomes.
  • Though speculative, perhaps these heterodimeric motors walk along the seam of the doublet microtubules or interact optimally with the microtubule-associated proteins found on axonemal microtubules.
  • When nocodazole was used to depolymerize microtubules in the cell periphery, we observed a significant increase of failures to initiate compared to untreated cells.
  • Another suggested cause is calcium-induced neuronal death which could implicate disruption of cytoskeletal microtubules inside neurons as the precipitating factor. Deepak Chopra: End-of-Life Brain Activity - A Sign of the Soul?
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