[ US /ˈmɪkəɫ/ ]
  1. (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
    see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos
    a batch of letters
    a slew of journalists
    a lot of money
    a wad of money
    it must have cost plenty
    a deal of trouble
    he made a mint on the stock market
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How To Use mickle In A Sentence

  • Many people were thanked for their help in making Mickleton a good place to live in.
  • Another and sadder "mickle" has been the departure of ten lepers for The Hawaiian Archipelago
  • Mickle power makes many enemies.
  • Many a little (or pickle) makes a mickle
  • MRS. MICKLEHAM, against her better judgment, 'A kilty, did you tell me? ' Echoes of the War
  • A clamorous group from the North-East who had started drinking at lunchtime lurched down one side of Micklegate, while on the other a hen night gathering from North Wales set about their task with equal enthusiasm.
  • That cheery assessment is what distinguishes "Masters of Management" from its predecessor, which was more dourly titled "The Witch Doctors" and was written by Mr. Wooldridge with his Economist colleague John Micklethwait in 1996. Reworking The Workplace
  • More macabre was the tailor's dummy strung up from a noose dangling off scaffolding on a building being demolished on Micklegate.
  • He wrote: ‘Whilst it does not appear to impinge too much on the Micklegate area, we do have an abundance of clubs and pubs in the area, which sometimes does have a detrimental effect on Micklegate.’
  • Mickle wrack was it soothly for the friend of the Scyldings, 170 The Tale of Beowulf Sometime King of the Folk of the Weder Geats
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