[ UK /mˈɛɹɪli/ ]
[ US /ˈmɛɹəɫi/ ]
  1. in a joyous manner
    they shouted happily
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How To Use merrily In A Sentence

  • Early in the morning I listened to a cirl-bunting singing merrily from a bush close to the George and Afoot in England
  • Disaster follows disaster, yet on we merrily go. Times, Sunday Times
  • He heard her singing about the house, -- gay, larksome little snatches, -- and she whistled merrily as she worked in the garden. Viola Gwyn
  • The girls, delighted by their little play, laughed merrily and forgot about the gossip.
  • Albatrosses, petrels, shags and shearwaters glide merrily around, all because of continental shelves and currents that slope and converge and form a giant feeding ground for these stars of the sea.
  • His temper tantrums have acquired him the further sobriquet of ‘Kung-fu Kahn’ after he merrily throttled one opponent and bit a chunk out of another.
  • I was merrily typing away to friends in some primitive chat room on my IBM XT (super nerd), listening to some music (probably Flock of Seagulls -- nerd++), and watching Back to the Future with the sound off (neeeeerrrrrrrd). Archive 2006-08-01
  • The distinctive cultural trace of Brazil is anthropophagy -- from culture to technology, the legacy of a former, lazy European monarchy in a tropical country where the aborigines, after banqueting over the odd whitey, were merrily exterminated while Europeans and black slaves copulated freely, with no Catholic guilt involved (there's no sin below the Equator). Pepe Escobar: Is Brazil the New United States?
  • People covered the streets, merrily strolling along, pretending nothing had happened at the local pub just minutes earlier.
  • Then he told them of the big trial in the river, when the fishes chose judges, and made a case at law against the ersh, and found him guilty, and how the ersh spat in the faces of the judges and swam merrily away. Old Peter's Russian Tales
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