1. type genus of the Megatheriidae
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How To Use Megatherium In A Sentence

  • These are the molar teeth of the deinotherium; this femur must have belonged to the greatest of those beasts, the megatherium. A Journey to the Interior of the Earth
  • African oasis some surviving mammoth, some belated megatherium, or some gigantic and misshapen liassic saurian. Falling in Love With Other Essays on More Exact Branches of Science
  • I'll walk across it myself tomorrow en route to seeing Darwin's fossil megatherium. Archive 2007-09-01
  • But Cuvier, since then, has fully proved that these so-termed bones of giants were in reality fossil remains of mammoths, megatheriums, mastodons, and similar extinct brutes; and that the giant's teeth’ found in many museums, had once graced the jaw-bones of spermaceti whales.
  • At any rate, with this example before us, we need not wonder overmuch at the ability of megatherium and mylodon to hold their own in the presence of the sabretooth. VIII. Primeval Man; and the Horse, the Lion, and the Elephant
  • This frightful mask of electric sparks suggests to me, even in this dizzy excitement, a comparison with preadamite man, the contemporary of the ichthyosaurus and the megatherium. Journey to the Interior of the Earth
  • And for the rest, they all went about their business and pleasure as if war had died out with the megatherium. The War in the Air
  • William Buckland…is wonderful on megatherium and gave a lecture on it at the British Ass in 1831 Darwin on the argument from Ignorance - The Panda's Thumb
  • But how about the preëxisting germs or vital units of the mastodon, the megatherium, and other gigantic mammiferous quadrupeds of the Eocene period? Life: Its True Genesis
  • This shows that its author believed in the possibility of the "superior organic forms," like the mastodon, megatherium, etc. from the "heterogenetic elements" -- those undergoing every conceivable change -- as well as the "inferior forms. Life: Its True Genesis
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