How To Use Meat grinder In A Sentence

  • allied forces crumbled before the Wehrmacht meat grinder
  • Wash cattlefish, wipe dry and mince then in a meat grinder.
  • He was filtered through the meat grinder of art school. Times, Sunday Times
  • Main production meat grinder, grinding machines, enema machine, Juicers, enema, etc. food processing machinery.
  • The game was purchased at a local church rummage sale that also netted us a juicer/meat grinder for $2, complete with reamer!
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  • Using a meat grinder fitted with the large die, grind pork mixture.
  • Messrs. Heilleman and Halperin speak of what they call postmodern politics as "a meat grinder/flesh incinerator. Road to the Nut House
  • Can he stay on-message amid the daily meat grinder that is a presidential primary in the age of blogs and Twitter? The Fix: Good Newt and Bad Newt
  • Using a chilled meat grinder fitted with the medium die, grind chicken, livers, pork and fat back into a large bowl over an ice water bath.
  • So if you magnetize the screw from a meat grinder so the magnetic flux is denser at the top than it is at the bottom, the ferrofluid will climb the screw like staircase. Boing Boing
  • An electric meat grinder may cost $100 or more.
  • the meat grinder of politics destroyed his reputation

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