How To Use Mean value In A Sentence

  • For now, we use a mean value for other avian piscivores, though we are completing balance trials on captive loons.
  • The constants used were the mean values for H and J calculated from each set of field observations.
  • All series were smoothed with a 40-year Hamming-weights lowpass filter, with boundary constraints imposed by padding the series with its mean values during the first and last 25 years. The Maestro is in da house « Climate Audit
  • The data represent mean values of triplicate measurements and are color coded, with red representing relative increased activity and green representing relative decreased activity compared to the parental control strain.
  • Mean values for leaf volume, pith volume and the leaf volume: pith volume ratio for metamers located in different axis parts for individuals at different developmental stages
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  • Finally discusses the Lagrange mean value theorem proof method of constructing auxiliary function in order to expand on the idea of theorem proving.
  • Thus what Weismann terms "panmixia," or free intercrossing, will co-operate with Galton's law of "regression towards mediocrity," and the result will be that, whenever selection ceases to act on any part or organ which has heretofore been kept up to a maximum of size and efficiency, the organ in question will rapidly decrease till it reaches a mean value considerably below the mean of the progeny that has usually been produced each year, and very greatly below the mean of that portion which has survived annually; and this will take place by the general law of heredity, and quite irrespective of any _use_ or _disuse_ of the part in question. Darwinism (1889)
  • Table 2 presents the variables used, their mean values, and data sources.
  • All other novelty was simply combinatorial, meaning that with the number of determining genes large enough, there were presumably sufficient combinatorial classes possible to account for the shape of the normal curve of variation around the mean values for any given trait. Evolution
  • Sows housed in pens and stalls had similar mean values across all measures with each analysis that was used.
  • The results indicate frequency distributions of saltation normalized on their mean values disagree with normal distribution.
  • Following convention, quantity terms were normalized using the data means to have mean values of one.
  • More than 100 mean values for water permeabilities determined with isolated leaf and fruit cuticles from 61 plant species are compiled and discussed in relation to plant organ, natural habitat and morphology.
  • Mean values of several extractions, each from a different leaf foliole, were calculated.
  • If both of the ovaries in a flower contained pollen tubes a mean value was used in the analyses.
  • In Table 2 are shown mean values in the trimmed sample for selected characteristics.
  • Currently, empirical studies of population demography are more frequently quantifying variances of parameters as well as mean values.
  • Sows housed in pens and stalls had similar mean values across all measures with each analysis that was used.
  • The simplest type of diffusion is Brownian motion, (also termed a Wiener process), which is a simple random walk in which the increments between random variables St have a normal distribution with a mean value of zero. Archive 2009-01-01
  • In this study, 5-year moving averages are used to estimate the mean value of each commodity.
  • An additional year of age of a house lowers the estimated sales price by $1,230 evaluated at the observed mean values.
  • The statistical significance of the difference between the mean value of groups was tested by Student's t test for unpaired values.
  • Just as the No Child Left Behind Act mandates strict accountability of elementary and secondary schools, all colleges should be required to administer the value-added test I propose to all entering freshmen and to students about to graduate, and to report the mean value added, broken out by precollege SAT scores, race, and gender. America’s Most Overrated Product « Isegoria
  • The level of the moral and psychological state is calculated as an arithmetic mean value of the magnitudes of the corresponding indicators with account taken of their weight coefficients.
  • Mean Value Theorem. Go over Homework 3.
  • Prototypical performance COP may reach 0.3016, the mean value is 0.2331. the experiments proved the car engine afterheat adsorption refrigeration is feasible.
  • This work also contains a mean value type formula for inverse interpolation of the sine.
  • He introduced and developed two fundamental methods, which could be briefly described as ‘the bilinear form technique’ and ‘the mean value theorem’.
  • Following convention, quantity terms were normalized using the data means to have mean values of one.
  • Of particular interest are the mean values of the surprise component, since they can be interpreted as the average forecast errors.
  • Mean values for each trait were calculated by averaging the population replicates for each species.
  • The scientists made the measured cautious statement on page 1294 col 2 penult para of their paper “Thus, proxy-derived series suggest that twentieth century warming is unique in the last millennium for both its mean value and probably for its rapidity of change.” Stern Review – Technical Appendix « Climate Audit
  • In the meta-analysis, the mean value for a treatment within each paper was the experimental unit.
  • Mean values and 95% confidence intervals for F are plotted against mean density values for each bin.

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