[ UK /mˈɑːd‍ʒɪnə‍l/ ]
[ US /ˈmɑɹdʒənəɫ/ ]
  1. of questionable or minimal quality
    borderline grades
    marginal writing ability
  2. producing at a rate that barely covers production costs
    marginal industries
  3. just barely adequate or within a lower limit
    a marginal victory
    a bare majority
  4. at or constituting a border or edge
    the marginal strip of beach
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How To Use marginal In A Sentence

  • As a consequence of the profound decrease in T2 B cell numbers, their downstream mature B cell progeny, namely follicular and marginal zone B cells, were drastically depleted. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The only people she would be able to talk to in English would be Ovidiu, and marginally to Rica with the broken language he was still trying to learn.
  • It also provides a condensed primer to some of the issues at stake in American avant-garde cinema, which, partly because of its historical opposition to the dictates of commercial mainstream moviemaking and partly because it resists commodification unlike, say, abstract painting, oppositional cinema doesn't rack up big sales at Sotheby's, has been relegated to the status of museum pieces and festival marginalia. NYT > Home Page
  • This vanishing reflects both the culture's increasing intolerance of sentimentalism and mainstream comics' marginalizing of women readers.
  • The new system is only marginally more efficient than the old one.
  • In the marginals the battle was much closer than the national polls suggested.
  • Everyone who uses those arguments has already assumed the longterm disfranchisement and marginalization of that majority of the Palestinian people forced to live in complete exile from their homeland for, in many cases, the past 60 years ... Charlottesville Blogs
  • Marginal and fragile lands cleared for export crop production rapidly become infertile and erosion prone.
  • Honey and maple syrup are only marginally better. The Family Nutrition Workbook
  • I've said before that I think the supply-siders who argue that lowering our marginal tax rates will raise revenue are full of bunk.
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