1. free from slavery or servitude
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How To Use manumit In A Sentence

  • A slave manumitted by a will is not entitled to his peculium unless it is expressly bequeathed to him, though, if the master manumits him in his lifetime, it is enough if it be not expressly taken from him, and to this effect the Emperors Severus and Antoninus have decided by rescript: as also, that a legacy of his peculium to a slave does not carry with it the right to sue for money which he has expended on his master's account, and that a legacy of a peculium may be inferred from directions in a will that a slave is to be free so soon as he has made a statement of his accounts and made up any balance, which may be against him, from his peculium. The Institutes of Justinian
  • The minority entered a protest against it on several grounds: First, because it would be offensive to other states, and would weaken the bonds of union with them; Second, while they approved of the justice and humanity of manumitting slaves in time of peace, this was not the proper time; Anti-Slavery Opinions before the Year 1800 Read before the Cincinnati Literary Club, November 16, 1872
  • This practice received highly favorable social sanction, and masters often celebrated national holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events by manumitting one or more of their favorite slaves. The Black Experience in America
  • Such is the character of the law which restricts and to a great degree prohibits the master from manumitting his slave. The Journal of Negro History, Volume 3, 1918
  • Considering it of extreme importance to preserve the Roman people pure, and untainted with a mixture of foreign or servile blood, he not only bestowed the freedom of the city with a sparing hand, but laid some restriction upon the practice of manumitting slaves. De vita Caesarum
  • Declaration of Rights, saying ` I believe that all men are by nature free and equal and therefore I don't believe in slavery and I am hereby manumitting my slaves. ' Jefferson's Pillow: The Founding Fathers and the Dilemma of Black Patriotism
  • Many thousand individuals in our native State, you well know Mr. President, are restrained from manumitting their slaves, as you and I are, by the melancholy conviction that they cannot yield to the suggestions of humanity without manifest injury to their country. The Journal of Negro History, Volume 2, 1917
  • By the middle of the nineteenth century, a sizable urban population made up of slaves and former, or manumitted slaves, known as gente de color (people of color), could freely gather in the cabildos and develop their vital culture, complete with rites, indoctrinations, and celebrations reconstituted from the surviving remnants of a shattered African legacy.
  • In response, members of the Georgia and South Carolina Congressional delegations intimated that if Congress attempted to manumit slaves, their states would leave the Union.
  • When another person's slave is instituted heir, if he continues in the same condition he must have the order of his master to accept; if alienated by him in the testator's lifetime, or after the testator's death but before acceptance, he must have the order of the alienee to accept; finally, if manumitted in the testator's lifetime, or after the testator's death but before acceptance, he may accept or not at his own discretion. The Institutes of Justinian
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