How To Use Man jack In A Sentence

  • If the ‘huntsmen’ were to tell me that hunting was just darned good fun, I'd pat every man jack of them on the back.
  • The five man selection team is completed by county board chairman Jack Wall and secretary Seamus Aldrdige.
  • An exhibit where you pull a string and hear Wolfman Jack howl?
  • Its big booster is businessman Jack Stack, author of "A Stake in the Outcome" and "The Great Game of Business. Opening the books is paying dividends for Sun Design
  • US Navy yeoman Jack Adams witnessed the war in the Pacific.
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  • I ain't a teetotaler, nohow; but I never touches a drop o 'licker from the time I sots foot aboard ship till I treads land ag'in -- an' what I does, every man Jack o 'my crew shall do ditto, or I'll know an' larn 'em the reason why, you bet! Fritz and Eric The Brother Crusoes
  • Nothing impressed me more in the Old Country than the fact that every man I had special reason to respect, educators, one or two statesmen and my one most respected friend -- every "man jack" of them, without exception, at the base of his mind, was thinking of the fundamental problem of spiritual resynthesis -- the reinspiration of a faith that has been lost. The Commonwealth as Educator
  • The man jacked up his car to fix a flat tire.
  • Environment spokesman Jack Straw said £5 billion was lying idle while thousands were forced to sleep on the streets.
  • First baseman Jack Clark fielded the ball and threw to pitcher Todd Worrell who was covering first.
  • every man jack
  • It was even wearing a letterman jacket like the one he wore. CIRCLE OF THREE: BOOK 1: SO MOTE IT BE
  • Spies, every man jack of them, I'd bet.
  • Jack & his Dad used to do a lot of blacksmithing, and as a young man Jack rode countless buckjumpers in his old poley saddle.
  • He was given a short tour of the premises by group chairman Jack Tordoff and his son John, the chief executive.
  • The five man selection team is completed by county board chairman Jack Wall and secretary Seamus Aldrdige.
  • The modern boxing glove was invented in 1743, the brainchild of Englishman Jack Broughton.
  • The poem of Agraphon was written by Angelos Sikelianos in 1941 when Greece was under the German jackboot.
  • Reed had left political life after his work with con man Jack Abramoff and his role in secretly lobbying for Indian casinos came to light. Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie: Religion, Politics and the Return of Ralph Reed: Is That God or Ambition Talking?
  • Now Chairman Jack Strowger is banking on a bumper Christmas to get profits back on the fast track.
  • Well, we got within reach of England when the wind began to blow, and before I could hitch myself up with a marling-spike, every man Jack of us was ready for Davy Jones's locker! Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, October 3, 1891
  • The man jacked up his car to fix a flat tire.
  • I beg your pardon," said Tip, rather provoked, for he felt a warm interest in both the Saw-Horse and his man Jack; "but permit me to say that your joke is a poor one, and as old as it is poor. The Woggle-Bug’s Thorough Command of the Language
  • German jack-tar runs to the front of flagpole instantly, mount top quickly, respect a ceremony beautifully, jumped next.

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