[ UK /lˈɪkwɪd/ ]
[ US /ˈɫɪkwəd, ˈɫɪkwɪd/ ]
  1. existing as or having characteristics of a liquid; especially tending to flow
    water and milk and blood are liquid substances
  2. clear and bright
    the liquid air of a spring morning
    eyes shining with a liquid luster
    limpid blue eyes
  3. filled or brimming with tears
    swimming eyes
    sorrow made the eyes of many grow liquid
  4. changed from a solid to a liquid state
    rivers filled to overflowing by melted snow
  5. smooth and unconstrained in movement
    the fluid motion of a cat
    the liquid grace of a ballerina
    a long, smooth stride
  6. in cash or easily convertible to cash
    liquid (or fluid) assets
  7. smooth and flowing in quality; entirely free of harshness
    the liquid song of a robin
  1. a frictionless continuant that is not a nasal consonant (especially `l' and `r')
  2. fluid matter having no fixed shape but a fixed volume
  3. a substance that is liquid at room temperature and pressure
  4. the state in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow with little or no tendency to disperse and relatively high incompressibility
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How To Use liquid In A Sentence

  • By adding the chlorides of strontian, uranium, potassium, sodium, iron, or copper to the liquid, various effects may be produced, and these bodies will be found to produce the same color on the plate that their flame gives to alcohol. American Hand Book of the Daguerreotype
  • He and Barton were now called upon for their names, and in return, we were favoured with the liquid and vowelly appellatives, by which our ingenuous and communicative acquaintances were respectively designated. The Island Home
  • Italian is rich in broad open vowels and liquid consonants.
  • synthetic detergents are in the form of powder or liquid.
  • The space left by evaporation is called the ullage, while the liquid lost is sometimes called the ‘angels' share’ and is particularly financially significant in the production of older cognac and Armagnac.
  • To avoid having sodium react with oxygen or water vapor in the air, it is usually stored under kerosene, naphtha, or some other organic liquid with which it does not react.
  • The attractive forces between molecules in a liquid are called surface tension forces and are what hold the liquid together.
  • The black and white images suggested a lunar surface with bright elevated land masses, grooved by sloping drainage channels and seemingly surrounded by dark, still pools of oily liquid.
  • It will thicken as it sits and the liquid drips through. Times, Sunday Times
  • In some recipes, such as tabbouleh, bulgur can be soaked in liquid without requiring cooking. The Kitchn
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