leave off

  1. prevent from being included or considered or accepted
    The bad results were excluded from the report
    Leave off the top piece
  2. come to an end, stop or cease
    the road leaves off at the edge of the forest
    leave off where you started
  3. stop using
    leave off your jacket--no need to wear it here
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How To Use leave off In A Sentence

  • Lastly, concerning the disdain to receive into natural history things either common, or mean, or oversubtle and in their original condition useless, the answer of the poor woman to the haughty prince who had rejected her petition as an unworthy thing and beneath his dignity, may be taken for an oracle: "Then leave off being king. The New Organon
  • I have no doubt that it is part of the destiny of the human race in its gradual improvement to leave off eating animals. Henry David Thoreau 
  • But I will leave off here and retreat into the backstage shadows for the nonce. METAPLANETARY
  • If you decide that the magic might be in that output buffer, you can also just leave off the input buffer with appropriate circuit changes.
  • Residents fear such a cut would leave officers worse equipped to fight crime in the town.
  • What extraordinarily powerful intangibles professionals leave off the bottom line.
  • Yussuf, perceiving the dread which he inspired, and that he was taken, as he wished to be, for a beeldar, first clapped his hand to the handle of his pretended sword, and then struck the combatants several sharp blows with his almond stick, and thus induced them to leave off fighting. The Pacha of Many Tales
  • ˜population genetics™, ˜fitness™ refers either to the abilities of the different genotypes in a population to leave offspring, or to the measures of those abilities, represented by the variable W. Darwinism
  • No one could have anticipated that a president who "presided" over a fraudulent war, a disgrace in the Attorney General's office, an epic natural disaster outdone only by the epic futility of the response to that disaster, an economic downturn that shows no sign of moderating, stagnant wages, creeping unemployment, tainted food sources, skyrocketing energy prices and a stock market in need of serious psychoactive drugs would have such low approval ratings by the time he's ready to leave office. Obama Entering White House With High Favorables -- And Bush Leaving With High Disapproval
  • Therefore, an aberrant individual with a tall sinistral shell among tall-shelled dextral conspecifics is more likely to be able to mate and leave offspring than one with a wide sinistral shell among wide-shelled dextral conspecifics. How snails mate: Oxyloma retusa
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