How To Use Kalif In A Sentence

  • There were many old horse prints and wagon tracks imprinted in the packed snow, but what concerned Kalif were the many footprints, fresh footprints, that littered the newly-fallen powder.
  • Giving no heed to the terms of his banishment, he made his way into the presence of the kalif; and there, by bold yet subtle argument, he not only succeeded in regaining the royal favor, but secured from Heschem a solemn instrument signed with the royal sign manual, whereby he was empowered to assume the government of the entire kingdom. Women of the Romance Countries
  • Congress of Orientalists at Copenhagen (1908) by Father Lammens, it would appear that the façade of Mschatta is the work of an Omaiyad kalif of The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism
  • As a former 'westie', now lovingly at home in the better side of the State, I can tell you that universally, saying you are "from Seattle" will invite groans similar to those westies make when one says they're "from Kalifornia". Sound Politics: Where Is Okanogan County?
  • Taken prisoners, their heads were cut off and sent to Cordova, where the kalif was cruel enough to present them to their imprisoned father for identification. Women of the Romance Countries
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  • In recent years, the careless field resources of county of Inner Mongolia impoverished banner fails badly, degrade, change dene, alkalify is serious.
  • On account of the minority of her son, there was an attempt on the part of many in the palace to deprive the sultana of her authority, depose her son, and usurp the office of kalif. Women of the Romance Countries
  • Heschem, the real kalif, was a virtual prisoner in his harem, and was encouraged by his guardian and friends to devote himself entirely to a religious life, leaving all the cares of state to his mother Sobeyah and to the vizier. Women of the Romance Countries
  • Seville was his capital, and there his power was so great that the kalif in Women of the Romance Countries
  • Kalifornia aside, the talented young star has done nothing to deserve such harsh comments, although her head shot is indeed “haggardly.” Y.P.R.: I Am Going to Die Alone
  • He had even journeyed to Cordova to consult a celebrated physician, and had in many ways been treated with such favor by the kalif, Abd-el-Rhaman, that people had begun to shake their heads and ask themselves whether the ruler of Leon was doing all in his power for the good of Women of the Romance Countries
  • Faithful should be more than fifteen years old, Heschem was at once proclaimed kalif, although he was given no share in the government. Women of the Romance Countries
  • Meine Antwort war, dass ich in den letzten 10 Jahren einige Male in Kalifornien war und die westliche USA einfach liebe, besonders den Südwesten. Guest Author: Michelle Raven
  • Cannabis für die Staatskasse Die kalifornische Initiative «Tax Cannabis 2010» strebt per Gesetz «die Regulierung, ... Recently updated sites at
  • But her last vestige of power had departed, her most loyal followers had been induced to abandon her cause after the defection of the kalif himself, and Sobeyah, who had been the most powerful of all the Moorish sultanas of Cordova, was now forced in humiliation to withdraw from active participation in worldly affairs and to spend the few remaining years of her life in strict seclusion in a lonely cloister. Women of the Romance Countries
  • The kalif, loath to put so brave a knight to death, cast him into prison. Women of the Romance Countries
  • Kalif ran his hand over his left shoulder blade, feeling the brand that had been burned into his skin, signifying Dylor's ownership of him.
  • Ein Skandal hat dazu geführt, dass sie New York verlassen hat und nach Mariposa, eine Kleinstadt in Kalifornien in der Nähe des Yosemite National Parks, gezogen ist. Archive 2009-07-01

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