[ UK /ˌa‍ɪəna‍ɪzˈe‍ɪʃən/ ]
  1. the process of ionizing; the formation of ions by separating atoms or molecules or radicals or by adding or subtracting electrons from atoms by strong electric fields in a gas
  2. the condition of being dissociated into ions (as by heat or radiation or chemical reaction or electrical discharge)
    the ionization of a gas
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How To Use ionisation In A Sentence

  • A technique known as Resin-Wafer Electrodeionization (RW-EDI) leverages control of pH to adsorb and desorb CO2 from flue gas without the need for heating or a vacuum. NASIOC
  • Detecting by hydrogen flame ionization detector with gas chromatography increased sensitivity and decreased detection limit.
  • A key component of that warfare by the ubër rich was to emaciate or destroy the unions through new laws restricting unionization, bankruptcy courts killing labor contracts, diversion of pension funds, abusive tactics against organizers, shipping jobs elsewhere and PR campaigns vilifying the very concept of collective bargaining to redress serious economic disadvantages. Sneak Attack
  • The Chinese telecommunication is the present informationization service level highest operator.
  • The results show that the alarm time depends strongly on both the gas concentration and the emission current of the ionization gauge.
  • Products include disposable gas-detection tubes, single-gas personal monitors, multi-sensor chemical-detection monitors, photoionization detector (PID) monitors for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), wireless gas-detection systems, and radiation monitoring networks for energy production and refining, industrial and environmental safety, and public and government first responder security sectors. Engineering Hardware-Software
  • A VUV soft ionization source was adopted in the mass spectrometer, which can avoid the formation of fragment ions and analyze volatile organic compounds in ambient air without pre-separation.
  • Cooks 'analysis method is a type of mass spectrometry called desorption electrospray ionization, or DESI. Health News from Medical News Today
  • Consequently radio waves will either be thrown back towards the earth or, if they are strong enough to penetrate to the middle of the layer where the ionization is greatest, they will rum through it and out into space. Nobel Prize in Physics 1947 - Presentation Speech
  • The answer, he says, was growth-suppressing policies, such as the Smoot-Hawley tariff, cartelization, unionization and, "most important but hardest to measure, FDR's demonization of business. The Disappearing Recovery
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